Tuesday, November 27, 2012

# Life Lesson

It's Okay

in this month i get a responsible to make a website for certification test..
my superior trust me for the whole thing
the design, the feature and the target..

i finish it already and yesterday was the first demo..,
in the morning i tested it with my friend and everything seems perfect
but when it come to the testing
in front of the client..
the demo just failed

yappp in a minute many things come to error
one by one calling me and asking why is it error
and my mind just blank very blank

why is it happened..??
i really no idea
there are a lot of error
i even don't get those error when i make it

i try to find the cause but still can make it
fortunately my superior distract the client to another thing
and once more really grateful for not judging me to have a bad work

after the demo i ask my friends and finally he can solve the problem
i think i overconfident to it so this demo try to remind me
to not underestimate something
and when something got error
don't panic

when you panic you'll get your mind blank and
after that there's nothing you can do
you'll only see things come worse time by time

do you know what..,,

the first error which make me panic and then blank is only
wrong link...

it should be TblUsersExam and what i write is TbluUsersExam
simple thing but make a great effect for me
cause till the end demo i can't solve any error

got this lesson
to get attention in the detail thing
and one more is take a deep breath

error thing is normal
everybody make a mistake
so don't think about the mistake just try to fix it

yap winning it by solve the problem

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