Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hoodie Day

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Aleena will get more excited when she can wear the same thing like her cousin haadi...,
Whether the color or the type of the clothes...,here's one for example when they're wearing hoodie

hubby is the one who choose this pink hoodie..., the color is very bright and it's really cool...,
Good choice hubby..,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mission Accomplished

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On saturday we have a mission to bring two children eat in the restaurant....

In the begining they were sit and eat nicely...
Hubby said that it's not that difficult to bring them...,

But then the situation were getting harder to control...., they finished the meal and try to play with a toy...,When one of them play with a toy, the other will try to take over the toy...., it was really really difficult to control them...,

I think i also made a mistake..., i should give them the same toy...,  and should have plan a to z when we bring more than one child...,

I just realized why they can sit and eat nicely...i think it is because aleena and haadi love the meal... (spaghetti, soup and milkshake)

Anyway even it is difficult but we succeed in doing the mission

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013


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Do you have a kids...? If Yes, you should think a lot If you want to watch this movie..,
I just watched it on yesterday night... And I can't sleep after that...,

In parent's point of view this movie is really scary.., at least that's what happened on my case...,
Overall it is a great movie.. Unpredictable and still for me it is scary....,

You can see the storyline here on Prisoners IMDB

This movie rating is 8.1/10 and 81% on tomatometer in Prisoners Rotten Tomatoes

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Night, 11 pm

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Right now i really miss my hubby...,
There's a different time zone between us...
It's about 4 hours.... so maybe in where my hubby sleep is already 3 am..

Hope you have a sweet dream tonight.. sleep well honey...,

I just watched "stuck in love"... we bought it together, remember? and i love it so much... let's watch again together okay...,

I watched it on dad's new toshi... just get reminding again how comfortable watching movie from laptop not from smartphone or tablet..., but stil i don't regret to leave my laptop in the office...,:p

Anyway can't wait to watch movie in a big screen with you...., i mean in our house,...:)

It's getting late but i stil need to watch again before starting a busy weekend tomorrow, okay.., see you soon...,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

21 Months Aleena's Record

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In this age, aleena has made huge progress..,

When she wants to claim things that belong to her,
she will said her name "alena alena"...,

She can combine some words,
like make a sentence even with random order but it's quite enough to make us understand..,

Sometimes she recognize the orientation
like when she wants to use a slippers, she arrange the left and right slipper first, before she wear it.., or when she read a book, she will make sure the book is on the right side., i mean it's not reverse...,

She can play puzzle..,  she put 2 from 5 pieces puzzle on the right position..,

say thank you when somebody give her a thing..,

Suggest me a medicine when i said to her that my hand is itchy

Here is our lovely daughter when she plays with her kangaroo bag.., 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eating with Chopsticks

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Since i always use chopsticks whenever i eat noodle... 
It seems that our aleena has learn a lot about how to use it....

Here is the picture when we give her a bowl of noodle and the chopsticks..,
at first we guide her hand but after that she could use it by herself...,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rain Sky View

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Have you ever take a sky picture from above your head when it's raining...? I just did...,
I'm a little bit lazy to bring umbrella...
So the consequence is that i need to walk through the rain...,

No umbrella means i get a clear view above me...,
try to take a picture and you know what it's really beautiful...,

Seeing the sky in different angle is really fun..., here is the picture

Me Time

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If you see the title you might think it's about me
But actually it's about aleena....,

Every morning aleena always wake up earlier...
She's the one who give me the first kiss and wake me up in the morning....,
She usually plays by herself and allow me to sleep longer....,
She will wake me up when she got bored play alone...,

One day when i open my eyes and look around, aleena were playing with my bag..., 
seeing her mommy watching, she said "bo2"... 
she asked me to sleep again..., 
Actually i don't mind too since i still feel sleepy... :p

I thought only adult who need "me time"... 
but then this 21 months baby need it too... :))

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fashion Stylist

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In the morning aleena suddenly change into my sister's fashion stylish....,

The wardrobe was opened.. and since the wardrobe is short, she can do anything there... put herself in there or just pick some clothes...,

when my sister stand in front of it and try to look for a cloth.... she suddenly point to one cloth and that was not a random choice.... at first she look a whole clothes that hanging in there....

Actually my sister already have her own choice but aleena stay on her choice and asked my sister to wear it...,

In the end my sister gave up with aleena choice and wear it :D

About The Imitator

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She's 21 months old now and on imitate phase...,
She follow everything that she heard or she look...., as her parent, i have a big big reponsible to make a good example, and now i guess i miss some point in give that things...,

From my experience there are three things that aleena will follow from me
1. How we communicate to each other...
2. How we communicate to other people
3. How we do the routines....

I can handle the first point but for the others i still can't control it.., for example when i can't control my anger to others...,,,,,

i really hope i can be a good example for her...,

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

29 Ways To Stay Creative

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Make a list, try free writing, listen to new music, allow myself to make mistake and have fun are 5 to 29 ways to stay creative that i already done... The only one i won't do is to drink coffee, i don't like it just give me a ton of chocolate.. :D

To see the other ways just watch this video

Monday, November 4, 2013

Love Blossom K Will

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When i need to refresh my day... i search a lot of music and make a new playlist..,, one song that attract me is love blossom
i play this song over and over again... i really love this song moreover when i see his video on youtube...,
K Will is one of my favofite korean singer. First time i listen to him is from love 119...,
Here is his live performance...,


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This one is my activity to achieve one of my simple goals before 2014..
This kind of logbook is inspired from Austin Kleon, the author of steal like an artist book..., he said that" the small details will help you remember the big details." 

Actually i'm not good in drawing... but it's really fun to make a logbook like this..., maybe in 2014 my drawing skill will be increase..., ;))

Here is my logbook for 3 days...,

Friday, November 1, 2013

Kids Philosophy part three

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Now the lesson number three...,
It happened when i teach two elementary school kids to make animation....,

When you make animation, you need at least two picture 
with the difference on one part of the picture..., 
for example you want to make a dinosaurs walking.. 
so you need to have a different leg part picture...,

Then i asked them to draw a different leg.... 
and you know what... they don't think too much and never think about mistake.... 
they just draw it... even when the left and the right leg has a big different form...,

The result is they succeed to make an animation...
and i didn't even see the difference again...,, they really good...,

Anyway just get interact with the kids 
and you can see their free soul and some creativity in it...., 
i really really love it..,