Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Think Carefully

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in a few weeks ago..

when i and teh fit get to store...

i see a bunch of bread.. but no donuts..

i really want to eat donut..

back again to the office

met mas deni's wife

and guess what she brings J.CO

just few minute i get what i want... :D

my hubby and i were in the car..

stuck in the traffic..

then come two person ride a motorcycle..

with one of them bring some big item

he bring it in his side...

so when it move, the item is always hitting the cars next to him

included ours..

then i think

if that person lift the item above his head, there must be a lot easier for them to move...

and guess what..

passing 2 cars in front of me, he change the way he bring the item..

he keep above his head

just few seconds what i think come true

and it happen again today..

the street singer come to us when we queuing in ATM

usually he come to the canteen where we eat a lot in that place...

my friends use to give him money since she feels got mandate from my other friend

i just randomly think "will he come to us, here in ATM"..

and yap he really come to us..

fortunately i don't think about come to her hostel..,

So when it come to positive things just think big

and to negative things, be careful for what i think and talk..

it can change to be a pray that come true

Think Big

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today my hubby make me realize something

the story begin with how much we will borrow money from bank

we have a plan to build a house

and sometimes i feel scared to be in debt...

so i was thought when we borrow money

 less is better even we capable to borrow more..

but then he says "as long as we make a good effort,  there must be x or y factor that we don't know yet

We can do it.. So nothing to worry..."

i heard "Think Big" often from Mario Teguh

and also always remember it

but just realize that i just make a mistake by think small..

Thanks hubby.. to open my mind


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My fam is a big fan of rcti so sometimes I get attention to the movie..
For me the movie on rcti that starts from 6pm is only some short story with the purpose is to send some value or to introduce some culture
Don't need to follow it everyday
Or till the movie ended
Cause I can enjoy the little part of the movie...since no story that continuous
So for me 15 minutes is enough

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Enjoying life

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In my dictionary.. Bad times only takes a few minute..
Be angry to the driver who try to keep move while I still make sure about the safety space to continue cross the street.
But then I rethinking about the driver.. He might not remember about me so what should I waste my energy to angry to unknown person...
Just let it pass...
When I promised to meet my cousin after work, suddenly the angkot move very slowly.. Stops a lot to get a passenger.. It get worse when I need to face the traffic.. Just not in a good time..
But then I play a song.. Some beat song.. And magically feel enjoyable with the situation when I thought the angkot was moving but actually it stands at one point..
Enjoy it very much, and fortunately my cousin understand my situation..,
Many ways to enjoy my life.. Just turnover it accept it and be compromise.. And everything will back to normal again..

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Financial freedom

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when i think about my big family..
i feel my income is very low

but it is different when i think about my lil family.,
i really thankful for the good income that we’ve already get
we really enjoy it..

but in reality
we’re not live with just the lil fam
Others might need our help
This is why sometimes i really money oriented

always think how to have a financial freedom
sometimes get tired too
feel always race with the time

need to make a breakthrough
when i get an idea..
feeling scared to make it reality
need a courage to make it happen..,

please come to me courage

let's try to make a target
3 years from now
i'm going to be in that level

Financial freedom i'm coming to you
just wait and be patient :p

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

POlaroid camera

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in 2009 i love to watch WGM

and fall in love with polaroid camera

love to see alex and sinae

or hwayobi and hwanhee

use this camera to keep their memories

I really want to have the camera

in 2010 my hubby's classmate give him a polaroid camera..

since she difficult to get the refill

and knows about my hubby who wants the camera for me..

my hubby then give that camera for me

it so cool to hold it and suddenly being mine :D

one of problem, the refill for sure...

difficult to find and when i know where to buy

the price is sooooooo expensive

i should think a thousand time

and even i already think for so much time

i still can't find a good reason to buy..

for one shoot i should pay for 80.000 IDR

a year later i find out about fujifilm instax

and the price is about 1000.000 IDR

just think about someday i'll have this camera

if the price is lower than that..

in early october this year

i get email from disdus

a website that inform the discount for some product

and i see about this camera

fujifilm instax was being sold  in 659.000

i want to tell my hubby

but in that time i get busy and forget

in sunday i go to jakarta

we finnaly go to our favourite mall

Kelapa Gading

we love to see a lot of cute baby and kid walking arround in that place

while i wait him to pray

i walk alone

hope to get some cute items...

and suddenly get into a little kiosk..

they sell anything about fujifilm instax

the camera is sell from 750.000

and get interested about the discount..

buy 3 pack refill get 10.000 rebate for each.. (1 pack 70.000->60.000)

it is a lot cheaper than a refill that sell in internet (1 pack 75.000)

a guy come to me and ask "Do you have a camera"

i said "No"

but he keep explain about the discount..

acctually i already understand about the discount

but to be polite i guess i need to reply something

"is the camera get discount too?"

 and he said "YES"

150.000 rebate for fujifilm instax 70s

and 200.000 rebate for fujifilm instax 50s

"so you mean this camera will sold with 600.000????"

and he said "YES" again

and he said that this day is the first day he open the kiosk

so this price is only valid for one day, 21st Oct 2012..

how lucky i am to be in the right place

in the right time

and in the right direction

i didn't plan to go to jakarta or even Kelapa Gading in that day

but  maybe i was destined to be there..

Acctually my hubby was plan to give this camera as my birthday gift

so  then this is a story i get my birthday present a month earlier

What a good nice sweet coincidence,,,

thank you...

this is the first time..

and this is our aleena, in her 9 months old (22nd Oct 2012)

the experience is soooo goood and i love it very much when the photos come out from the camera

not complete yet because i haven't write down something in the photo

should buy a cute markers first :p

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Playlist

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Since i have a short term memory

i always make a new playlist 

some music that i listen repeatedly

so that i can remember the feel of my workplace

really helpful

even the playlist may show some bad memories

but still feels good

for made ​​it through tough times

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I hate to cross the street in the night

just a group of light

no clues

no idea

is the driver aware about me or not

but to walk in the night and listen to the music

is one of my favourite

perfect time for refreshing my mind..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Colour Lovers

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For all of you

who love colour or pattern very much

or need some colour inspiration

for maybe interior looks, web design or fashion...

come over to

but before that i must warn you

just make sure you have a lot of time

cause this website will make you stay there for a long time

thanks to my friend, teh fit...

to give  this link

and make me lose focus from my job

i guess for today my browser will only about this page..,

Enjoy it...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CN Blue

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First time I know CN Blue is because I watch korean movie

"You're Beautiful"

fall in love with Jung Yong Hwa who play as Kang Shin-woo

look for the profile

and finally know about CN Blue

First song is "I'm a loner"

and it guide me to another song

love it all..

Especially lovelight

i even success to influence my hubby and my friends

and even hubby success to influence his friends too

he loves too..

i think aleena get my influence too

because during my pregnancy

i love to listen their music...

moreover every morning i look to the billboard

unfortunatelly the concert was canceled..

not really dissapointed since i can't watch too..

but still i was happy

because first time i fall in love

i wish they will have a concert here...

this picture is one of evidence that it wasn't an empty hope..

i hope someday i can watch them

The Dangerous of Yelling to the kid

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The younger the child, the greater the impact.  

"When the kids were little, you were his/her world," says psychologist Robert Puff, Ph.D., author of "Anger Work: How to Express Your Anger and Still Be Kind".  

"When you get angry, you shaken their world. As they grow older. They have friends, and other people in their lives, and it will reduce the effect."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Women education

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just disagree with the people
who says about why should women get higher education
if then she will back to be a housewife

compare to the carrier women 
i don't think housewife is an easy job

i might think it's the most difficult job ever

it's related to the family
for the people that she loved
not only for six months or couple years

it's a long term job

how to manage the family

how to inheritance a good value

even the knowledge might not be use in her daily life

but the paradigm, the experience, the ability to overcome the challenge
will help her to through anything

so nothing that useless..

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One day my mom talk to aleena

suddenly my grandma said "please use sundanese language"

in my mind

how if she know that i use mix language for aleena

hihi... :p

might be confusing for aleena

sorry little girl

Friday, October 12, 2012

Future school

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suddenly think about the future school for aleena

about the location

try to mapping school that near from my future house

just to make sure

the school is not too far..

Find some review but then it is not necessary this time hehe

One thing that i know i wish aleena can study in school like SD Karakter in Cimanggis

school that concerned about how to make children have a good attitude

or school that can make children  be creative

maybe in 4 to 5 years from now there is franchise of that school in bekasi

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

First video for Aleena

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since i get some knowledge while i edit a tutorial video about kids programming

 i get an idea to make a lot of video for my dear aleena..

 maybe in a school age i can help her to learn

this is my first video... a little geeky hahahahha :))

Love my Job

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Difficult or simple thing..

 i'm going to love it and the reality i always love my job

 Anything that assigned for me means a challenge..

 new knowledge new experience, why not

 one thing that i hate is to live without a goal

 i believe i can do anything

 so for everyone who have trust in me

 i'm really thankful

Thursday, October 4, 2012

If only

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Suddenly feel disappointed to see how some people

spend their time in the morning with smoking

Especially for them who not good in their economy

how much money that they spend

if they already start smoking in the morning

Just wonder how the CEO of that company feels

when they see that people start smoking in the morning

Happy? Satisfy?


If only cigarette company sell their product in very expensive price..

at least the smokers is a high class people

who capable to spend their money on useless thing

or to pay the risk that may come