Wednesday, October 17, 2012

# CN Blue # Korean Things

CN Blue

First time I know CN Blue is because I watch korean movie

"You're Beautiful"

fall in love with Jung Yong Hwa who play as Kang Shin-woo

look for the profile

and finally know about CN Blue

First song is "I'm a loner"

and it guide me to another song

love it all..

Especially lovelight

i even success to influence my hubby and my friends

and even hubby success to influence his friends too

he loves too..

i think aleena get my influence too

because during my pregnancy

i love to listen their music...

moreover every morning i look to the billboard

unfortunatelly the concert was canceled..

not really dissapointed since i can't watch too..

but still i was happy

because first time i fall in love

i wish they will have a concert here...

this picture is one of evidence that it wasn't an empty hope..

i hope someday i can watch them

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