Wednesday, October 31, 2012

# Life Lesson

Think Carefully

in a few weeks ago..

when i and teh fit get to store...

i see a bunch of bread.. but no donuts..

i really want to eat donut..

back again to the office

met mas deni's wife

and guess what she brings J.CO

just few minute i get what i want... :D

my hubby and i were in the car..

stuck in the traffic..

then come two person ride a motorcycle..

with one of them bring some big item

he bring it in his side...

so when it move, the item is always hitting the cars next to him

included ours..

then i think

if that person lift the item above his head, there must be a lot easier for them to move...

and guess what..

passing 2 cars in front of me, he change the way he bring the item..

he keep above his head

just few seconds what i think come true

and it happen again today..

the street singer come to us when we queuing in ATM

usually he come to the canteen where we eat a lot in that place...

my friends use to give him money since she feels got mandate from my other friend

i just randomly think "will he come to us, here in ATM"..

and yap he really come to us..

fortunately i don't think about come to her hostel..,

So when it come to positive things just think big

and to negative things, be careful for what i think and talk..

it can change to be a pray that come true

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