Monday, May 27, 2013

Going on Date

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Finally we were going to trans studio....
I thought we never get there...
Because we can`t just leave aleena at home...
and just play all day long..,

Feel a little bit dissapointed for being in the same city but can't even try to play..,

But then i got information that
it could be hard to stand for more than 6 hours..
since the place is indoor....,

We then take a vacation,
and finally we were dating again on working hour.., it was on friday..,

Very very very happy... ^o^

One little disappointment : we don`t bring camera....
we just remember to bring ourself, since we were running away :p

Thursday, May 23, 2013

16 Months Aleena

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aleena now  is known as aimmm girl

she's a sundanese girl
when she refuse something..
she will say aimmm aiiimm (alim)...,

the other famous word from her is addduuhhh and apa...,,
in this case, she just imitate it without understand about the meaning..

she loves telephone and will clearly says haloo.. haloo.. haloo... papap..
she often ask to sit beside the telephone
i wish i found a toy telephone with real appearance
not the colorful one...

she is on learning fase to salaam  'kummm' -> Assalamualaikum..,

when she loves something..
she will ask more and more and more.. 'lagiiii.. lagiii.. lagi...'
never stop until we are distract her to something else..,

the happiest thing is finaly she can call me mommy..
like maaaa miii... or sometimes meeee mi

at least it's not mama.. it's ambiguous, seems like refer to my mother..,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Composer

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In this picture she really look like a composer..
actually she was a supporter for other running kids..

my mom asked her to run, join with other kids..
but since aleena doesn't understand what my mother means

then she just yelling to them...
"arii... ariii..." -> 'run.. run'...,

20's The Selfish Year

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When my cousin asked me about the second child...
i just said that perhaps when i reach 30 years old..

some people says that 20's is the selfish year..
and i think that is true..

i still love working..
gather with my friends..
and make something..

there is also one hobby that still can't be leave..
go to the cinema..

we're often runaway
from our responsibility to take care of aleena.. :p

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


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When we asked about our daughter's name... as an example for her medical record..
We then said, it's aleena with double 'e'..
But the reality they just have it wrong confidently. They write allena..
I was thought it happened because i didn't spell it correctly but hubby also experience it on the same condition..,

We should really think the other way to make them understand about the right spelling..,
It could be easier if we just name her alina.. but we already fall in love with alena and at the same time also love the meaning of aleena or alina..,

So that's the other story why we choose aleena with double 'e'...
Btw.. I think the most difficult task is to explain it to aleena.. 'why double e?' especially when she learn to read or write
Or maybe why people call her 'alina'...,,

We should really think the best or the simple way to explain her...,

Monday, May 20, 2013

Family in black

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Except me...
i should wear too...
but i have no idea when is the last time i buy a black shirt...

This is aleena's first black shirt..
looks cool on her...
Her grandfather is the one who bought this shirt from Bali..

a little bit look like a pretty boy...,
isn't it?

hahaha... but still she's the most lovely one


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If you love to browse some house design...

you can visit this website Houzz
or just download it in app store or play store

just add some of your favorites to an idea book

this is one of my favorite..

our future house..
with so many windows..

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Unexpected

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A week ago...
My dad call one service operator that he know from the ads on newspaper...,
This person was trying to fix some problem in my dad's PC....
He then start to make a story that tells about the PC that has a complicated problem and it needs a lot of repair with the components..
My daddy who doesn't really understand about it, just welcome him to bring almost all of the components, excluding the casing..
And you know what... he is now just disappear...gone...
i wish i could do something...
I wish could angry... but still it no use to angry with him...
But anyway i still remember his face...
The certainly he is not a man... :D
Just a person who dare to compete with an old man....
Whatever yo do now
Have fun....,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aleena in Peci

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i love to wear a hat on aleena..
any kind of hat including this peci..

she was playing with my old toy..,
the toy age is older than myself..,

beginning with this toy now aleena is obsessed with  key..

she insist to open my grandma's drawer with some keys
that she found in the home...

but of course not that colorful key
because she knows that she can't open my grandma's drawer with the toy :p

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Meaning of Gadget for Aleena

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For aleena the gadget is
only a thing with power button and one little hole...

there are other holes actually but
she just know the one for earphone

her hobby is to touch the power button..
she love to see the family photo that i put in lock screen..

besides that.. one day she suddenly turn on my father's laptop..
my family wonder how does she do that cause no one teach her...
then i think maybe because she know about power button...
one button that different to other button...

another hobby that she recently do is..
to plug the earphone jack into the cellphone..

for few days ago, it was really difficult for her
she needs a lot of practice before she can plug it successfully

but now she can do it..
and will obsess on it
if she look them (cellphone+earphone) together..

i think the gadget is quite good to enhance her motor skill...
as long as the cellphone especially is in airplane mode :D

Quick Memo

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This is my favorite feature from LG...

I can write a memo or draw something directly on a captured image

Here is the example
I draw it on the homescreen..,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Slice It!

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This one is my favorite game..

you just need to slicing shapes into fragments

if you want to get 5 stars,
you need to slicing it into the same size fragments...

it's really fun but at the same time can make me stress..,

Anyway just forget about the stress... everybody needs more effort to get on higher level...,

Just have fun.. 

Live Wallpaper

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I was thought it just an animated wallpaper..

but more than that
the wallpaper can have interaction with us...

some of it can be customized
really cute...

this is my live wallpaper a super q dough..
you can find it in play store...,
when i touch the dough, the other dough come out in different way :D

Friday, May 10, 2013

First Prize

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First time in my life
I winning a prize, cash money....,

Now i believe that i also can win something...
suddenly dream get a car :p

I just took it in wednesday evening
when many many incident happened to me...

Anyway i just found out
that i already won in the same day when i buy the cellphone

Here is the announcement that i found today

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New and Lost Item

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Back again here is the half  hour story...
get success with my new atm card..

i'll continue to my office.. but just after i get into angkot,
in front of the bank i realize that my cellphone is left behind in the bank

new n lost item in the same time... what is it??

back again..
now i really want to cry and a little bit cry too cause no one see it..

the security ask me to remind it again...
and here is the short memory come, i don't remember too...
i just know that i still contact teh fit when i were in waiting room

the security then ask my number.. he will inform me if it found out
i give it but then i ask him "can i see the CCTV?"
i already gave up, try to let it go and just want to know the history..,

other security then ask me about the sequence..
and suddenly i remember that i still look at the clock in cellphone
 it's 9.43 while in the bank it shows 9.39..,

after that i tell him to just take a look the activity after 9.39 o'clock
less than 5 minutes he come to me and asking "what is your cellphone brand?", it's LG

seems like an angel in front of me with my cellphone
here it is the cute one with peach case that too small for my cellphone :p

Thank you very much for you who have keep it safe for a moment
i don't care anymore about the story.. since i don't see the CCTV too

Morning Story

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i just take care of my lost atm card
since i want to get sooner to the office then 
i choose to go to bank that near to my office..

i thought it would be the same process..
but it isn't...,

i need to wait a confirmation from my origin bank
which is in near my house.... *regret

It happen soooo long...
i'm the first customer in the bank
but just get out after 12 other customers finish their matters

around 2.5 hours i stay in the bank
actually 2 hours, and the half hour i'll tell you in other note

almost cry heuheu
but then no use to feel sorry for myself

anyway just to inform.. so you don't need to disappointed like i do
if you take care a thing not in your origin bank, mandiri bank
it will take times.. could be in a short or long time...,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Accident

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When i have aleena, i wish i can keep her safe..
i mean.. if she fall somewhere.. it should be a safe place

i can't imagine if her knee or a part of her body bleeding...
but.. there is one time,
we can't control the situation
it's beyond our capability..

on saturday, when the family were gather in the living room
aleena suddenly falls with a bad position
where there is a glass table in front of her... and hit her face..

yap she was bleeding.. right in the side of her left eye..
it looks like she was crying of blood..

When it happened.. why it should be close to her eye
it's my first time seeing her bleeding, can't it just in her knee? *uselessthought

anyway there's nothing i can do..
it already happened..
i just think that i need to be calm because i need her to be strong too..

try to accept it and face it and finally go to doctor and
alhamdulillah that was just external injuries...
most of it she's doing fine..

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hard time

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I want to relax my mind...
But this headache is really disturb me..
I can't enjoy the music as usual..
Just one simple thing

That's why if you're in good condition...
Be grateful for what you have...

LeeSsang Feat. Eugene

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We are now crazy about running man.,
but it's very late actually..
because the show has already started since 2010

anyway since we love them very much
we start to found detail about each member..

ok the first one is about Garie,,,
he is a member of LeeSsang (South Korean Hip-hop duo)

just watch the video it's really really cool amazing video music..,
i love Garie's voice very much...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Job

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My duty of the months is
to make a tutorial video for kids...

It`s about how to make animation or simple game...

It`s really fun
When i try to make it...
I feel like i`m playing game...

The most difficult is to think about the idea...,

Anyway the happiest thing is i get the flexible time...,
I really need a time to taking care of my baby girl..,
Because next month till august, my parent will stay at my sister`s house..
One of my mom request is to having a video call every day with aleena..
Yap She`s going to miss her so much..,

Important Things About Gadget

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When i think to buy a gadget...
I consider about two important things..
They are the feature and the design....,

One more thing acctually... it should be a rare thing
I mean just a small people use it..,

The consequence is the accessory
like softcase/leathercase is also a rare thing too..

Talk about the case, actually i avoid to use it
Because i love them as they are, the original design

But sometimes i need to give up
bcause i`m not a tidy person...

Anyway if you happen to meet a cute softcase for LG l9..,
Please contact me.. 
I just went to the electronic center but can`t found it...,