Tuesday, May 14, 2013

# aleena

The Meaning of Gadget for Aleena

For aleena the gadget is
only a thing with power button and one little hole...

there are other holes actually but
she just know the one for earphone

her hobby is to touch the power button..
she love to see the family photo that i put in lock screen..

besides that.. one day she suddenly turn on my father's laptop..
my family wonder how does she do that cause no one teach her...
then i think maybe because she know about power button...
one button that different to other button...

another hobby that she recently do is..
to plug the earphone jack into the cellphone..

for few days ago, it was really difficult for her
she needs a lot of practice before she can plug it successfully

but now she can do it..
and will obsess on it
if she look them (cellphone+earphone) together..

i think the gadget is quite good to enhance her motor skill...
as long as the cellphone especially is in airplane mode :D

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