Wednesday, May 8, 2013

# Life Lesson

Morning Story

i just take care of my lost atm card
since i want to get sooner to the office then 
i choose to go to bank that near to my office..

i thought it would be the same process..
but it isn't...,

i need to wait a confirmation from my origin bank
which is in near my house.... *regret

It happen soooo long...
i'm the first customer in the bank
but just get out after 12 other customers finish their matters

around 2.5 hours i stay in the bank
actually 2 hours, and the half hour i'll tell you in other note

almost cry heuheu
but then no use to feel sorry for myself

anyway just to inform.. so you don't need to disappointed like i do
if you take care a thing not in your origin bank, mandiri bank
it will take times.. could be in a short or long time...,

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