Monday, May 6, 2013

# aleena

The Accident

When i have aleena, i wish i can keep her safe..
i mean.. if she fall somewhere.. it should be a safe place

i can't imagine if her knee or a part of her body bleeding...
but.. there is one time,
we can't control the situation
it's beyond our capability..

on saturday, when the family were gather in the living room
aleena suddenly falls with a bad position
where there is a glass table in front of her... and hit her face..

yap she was bleeding.. right in the side of her left eye..
it looks like she was crying of blood..

When it happened.. why it should be close to her eye
it's my first time seeing her bleeding, can't it just in her knee? *uselessthought

anyway there's nothing i can do..
it already happened..
i just think that i need to be calm because i need her to be strong too..

try to accept it and face it and finally go to doctor and
alhamdulillah that was just external injuries...
most of it she's doing fine..

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