Thursday, May 23, 2013

# aleena

16 Months Aleena

aleena now  is known as aimmm girl

she's a sundanese girl
when she refuse something..
she will say aimmm aiiimm (alim)...,

the other famous word from her is addduuhhh and apa...,,
in this case, she just imitate it without understand about the meaning..

she loves telephone and will clearly says haloo.. haloo.. haloo... papap..
she often ask to sit beside the telephone
i wish i found a toy telephone with real appearance
not the colorful one...

she is on learning fase to salaam  'kummm' -> Assalamualaikum..,

when she loves something..
she will ask more and more and more.. 'lagiiii.. lagiii.. lagi...'
never stop until we are distract her to something else..,

the happiest thing is finaly she can call me mommy..
like maaaa miii... or sometimes meeee mi

at least it's not mama.. it's ambiguous, seems like refer to my mother..,

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