Tuesday, May 21, 2013

# aleena


When we asked about our daughter's name... as an example for her medical record..
We then said, it's aleena with double 'e'..
But the reality they just have it wrong confidently. They write allena..
I was thought it happened because i didn't spell it correctly but hubby also experience it on the same condition..,

We should really think the other way to make them understand about the right spelling..,
It could be easier if we just name her alina.. but we already fall in love with alena and at the same time also love the meaning of aleena or alina..,

So that's the other story why we choose aleena with double 'e'...
Btw.. I think the most difficult task is to explain it to aleena.. 'why double e?' especially when she learn to read or write
Or maybe why people call her 'alina'...,,

We should really think the best or the simple way to explain her...,

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