Wednesday, May 8, 2013

# Life Lesson

New and Lost Item

Back again here is the half  hour story...
get success with my new atm card..

i'll continue to my office.. but just after i get into angkot,
in front of the bank i realize that my cellphone is left behind in the bank

new n lost item in the same time... what is it??

back again..
now i really want to cry and a little bit cry too cause no one see it..

the security ask me to remind it again...
and here is the short memory come, i don't remember too...
i just know that i still contact teh fit when i were in waiting room

the security then ask my number.. he will inform me if it found out
i give it but then i ask him "can i see the CCTV?"
i already gave up, try to let it go and just want to know the history..,

other security then ask me about the sequence..
and suddenly i remember that i still look at the clock in cellphone
 it's 9.43 while in the bank it shows 9.39..,

after that i tell him to just take a look the activity after 9.39 o'clock
less than 5 minutes he come to me and asking "what is your cellphone brand?", it's LG

seems like an angel in front of me with my cellphone
here it is the cute one with peach case that too small for my cellphone :p

Thank you very much for you who have keep it safe for a moment
i don't care anymore about the story.. since i don't see the CCTV too

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