Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Potty Training

February 26, 2014 0 Comments
About few months ago, before aleena's age reach two years.. I have thought about this potty training...
I was wondering about when will i start..

I just thought i will do this training on our own house because i don't want to bother other family member..
so i started to forget about this potty training...,

on December, i saw that aleena already can pull her pants up and down...,This actually a good progress that show her readiness on potty training..,but i still have my doubt to start it until my mom gave a lot of underwear on Aleena's birthday..,

Since my mom who initiate this training, then i don't need to feel afraid for disturbing again.. so this is our experience:
first week aleena still pees in the pant.. so we postpone about this underwear thing and still using diaper. But it didn't mean we stop this training because we still bring her to the bathroom every one hour..,
second week no more diaper, aleena has started to understand about pees in the bathroom but we still bring her every one hour.
third week she already can tell when she need to pees..,

I thought it would be difficult, but when i have trough this stage, it's not really difficult, but with one condition: the child is ready. You can read in this link Potty Training Readiness Checklist

Now the challenge is to make her not using diaper on night time. I ever tried it.. I have succeed one time and also failed one time..., Actually i still not ready.., i need to buy waterproof sheet first for my bed..,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Surviving Plan as Stay at Home Mom

February 12, 2014 4 Comments
Few days ago i was sick...,
The doctor suggest me to take a break from my routines....
Then i stay at home for three days....,

First day i feel fine..
Second day i started to feel bored....
And finally in the last day i absolutely lost my mind... i really can't stay at home....,

But thank god my friend contact me... so i can hang out for a while.... 
a great day when i finally meet my best friends ifa and dini in a spontaneous way...., 

On saturday hubby come to bandung..., he feels sorry about me..., 
he look at me as a person who lost her spirit for life..., and he's right...,

When i stay at home i feel that i don't have a goal in my life...,  
i have no activities beside keep an eye on aleena..., watching her do the same thing...
Then i realize something...., for all this time i might feel bored 
but i think one of the reason is because i feel that aleena's world is too small....,

So my next mission is to survive on my future role as stay at home mom... 
and to open a bigger world for aleena....,
I want to make us busy all day long... for fun of course....,

For aleena, i will need to make a list of toddler activities, buy few big box and equipments, make schedule for each day... i think i can make my own preschool someday :p

And for myself.. of course write a blog about her activities..., learn kids photography, make a lot of doodle...and do my current job to make a game for kids...,

One more thing is do the house work together with aleena because she loves it very much..., she will get excited when i give her a role or some responsible.....

Monday, February 3, 2014


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When i'm single... i know that parent's duty is hard, literally... 
until i get my responsible to take care of my daughter.....,,,

Parenting is really really hard...., we need many many references to through 
this challenge and also the gift at once,

I just read one book.... only the resume actually but it's already help me a lot....,

I already implement some point.... 
one of them is how we need to communicate clearly with the child....

When i want to pray, haadi and aleena come in to my room..., 
since i can't keep an eye on them, i said "please don't do anything..." 
and when i look at to haadi's face... he looks confused....,

Then i remember about how to give clear information..., 
i should said do not fight, do not jump in the bed and etc...,
But since it could be a very long list.... 
then i said to them to sit nicely until i finish praying....,

You know what they're really stay in one position..., 
they're just talking to each other.., 
when aleena start moving haadi remind her to sit.....,,,he really understand about the statement...,

Sometimes we got stress because we think the children didn't listen to us...  
but in fact they're listening but didn't understand about what we asked....,