Monday, February 3, 2014

# aleena


When i'm single... i know that parent's duty is hard, literally... 
until i get my responsible to take care of my daughter.....,,,

Parenting is really really hard...., we need many many references to through 
this challenge and also the gift at once,

I just read one book.... only the resume actually but it's already help me a lot....,

I already implement some point.... 
one of them is how we need to communicate clearly with the child....

When i want to pray, haadi and aleena come in to my room..., 
since i can't keep an eye on them, i said "please don't do anything..." 
and when i look at to haadi's face... he looks confused....,

Then i remember about how to give clear information..., 
i should said do not fight, do not jump in the bed and etc...,
But since it could be a very long list.... 
then i said to them to sit nicely until i finish praying....,

You know what they're really stay in one position..., 
they're just talking to each other.., 
when aleena start moving haadi remind her to sit.....,,,he really understand about the statement...,

Sometimes we got stress because we think the children didn't listen to us...  
but in fact they're listening but didn't understand about what we asked....,

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