Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Endless Love

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This is a song for you hubby..
Our favorite version by Hwanhee & Hwayobi

This song is taken from We Got Married Hwanhee & Hwayobi Episode 1..

They are really really good...,
and I love this couple very much..

Here's the video...,
Enjoy it..

Graduation Memories

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Night event on 24th april 2013
still wonder why the celebration held on weekday, there is also a wedding party at our hotel

unfortunately the party is over when we came back to hotel...
we should attend the party since our apparel already fit for the event :p  

Graduation day on 25th april 2013...
i follow the ceremonial very well compare to hubby :p
and get a new knowledge about human development
if you interested you can search about "the rise of the south"

do we look younger... ?
hubby said "wooow we look 25" hihi...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Kaliurang, Jogja

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when we were in Jogja,,,
we stayed at hotel cakra kembang on kaliurang street..

the hotel is quite good.. and i love about the location.
so many restaurant and boutique

i should not need to worry about the dress..
cause i think i can just buy it at the same day..
since there are also many boutique around there :p

in front of hotel, there is a circle K
so it's really really helping the guess so much
especially a person like me who don't have a well preparation

The location is also near to MM UGM building..
just about 3km...
but unfortunately the public transportation like angkot or bus is really seldom..
so the choice is only taxi or just get walk..

we walk a lot but ride taxi a lot too..
it's about time..
if we're not hurry we just get walk and enjoy the city..,

about the restaurant..
we found a very very very delicious gudeg..
gudeg yu djum
just come to kaliurang km 5 kocoran gg srikaton no 2

Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Supeeer Duperr

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Dear Hubby a.k.a Papapp Aleena,

Congratulation for your graduation..

You've been working so hard, studying so hard
and taking care us very well at the same time..

So proud of you..
and thank you very much

kiss kiss emmmmmmahhhh (the way aleena kiss you)

Miss My Baby

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One impression that come when we (me and hubby) just start traveling
 is so light..

yap we ever feel travelling with a baby which is not simple at all
and yesterday we feel a little bit free..
and of course we enjoy that moment as much as possible too

just sometimes we miss her so much..
we also love seeing other baby in the airport

i even get a seat next to
a family with 17 months old baby girl..
they also come for graduation
so coincidence...

anyway i try not to remember her acctually
cause my mom once said that
if i think too much about her, she will get fussy

so it succeed, until my way home to bandung
i can't stand anymore..
i really really miss her and suddenly got phone call from my dad..
who said that aleena can't stop crying..

now i really miss her..
because this morning i already back to work again

can't wait to go home..
and see her smiley face..,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Free Day

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It's 05:08 am..
And I'm on the way to the airport..

Me and hubby will go to jogja..
Because tomorrow is hubby's graduation day..

Şo from this time we're going to enjoy our free day
Two free days and just the two of us....

Let's have fun..

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

USG Photo

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This is the last USG photo
on 8th january 2012 - 36 weeks pregnant stage

you can see how hubby and aleena
look similar to each other

especially the nose part... :D

this is the first time i could imagine how she looks...


Monday, April 22, 2013

When Aleena Recognize Her Doctor

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Few days ago, aleena was sick
and we're going to the doctor..

outside the examine room she plays a lot..
try to approach and interact with other kids..
or just moving around .,

but suddenly her mood was change for 180 degree..
she was crying so loud when she look at her doctor..

usually she will just start crying when i lay her on the bed..
but it's different..
she starts crying when we just open the door..

she's 15 months..
and this is the first time she could remember the doctor well..
usually she met the doctor once in a month for immunizations..
and always forget the doctor after that..,

i was a little bit surprised
maybe now she has recognize a person
who always do the injection..,

the crying didn't stop until i said it was done "Udah"
the trace suddenly gone when we pass the exit door...

What a baby girl...,

Friday, April 19, 2013

High Imagination

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Me and my friends love to imagine something that out of bounds
like how if we have a lot of money...

not for having $200.000
but to have a saving that always rise $200.000 in a week or in a day

then we start imagine..

if people love to mix matching from top to toe..
we think we will mix matching the apparel with our car...

till the interior and exterior design of the car will be exactly the same to our clothes
when we use floral pattern that our car will be floral on that pattern too..

so girl thing :p

buy a territory land or an island specially just for us..
or for a simply thing like maybe patching the clothes with the money.. :))

never ending story actually..
 when we start talking the same story
we still get tons of crazy ideas to spend the money and have a big laugh...,

besides imagine about money

we also love to talk about the gadget
like cellphone for aleena when she grow up
or randomly think maybe there will be a printer that integrate with the laptop in one form..

just curious about the future gadget
what will it look like?

 when i see new gadget
it could be... "WOOOWW"
but in the next year there's always be new "WOOOWW"

so in 15-20 years, what will it look like?
really really really curious and of course curious about the transformation too..,

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Important Things

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There are three most important things for me on the go..
They are my cellphone,atm card and earphone
cellphone.. of course everybody need it, who's not..

atm card.. with atm, everything can be fine..
i mean i'm not scared even when i don't bring cash money..

earphone.. is the thing that control my mood..
when i'm going to the office without this item..
my day feel really empty..
moreover when on the trip back to home
sometimes it feels as much important as my cellphone..

one day i lose my earphone..
since i really need it, i just buy the cheap one
which is only stand for a week..

to complete my day usually i take an easy way
just buy the cheap one
but since it always broken in just few days..

then i give up..

i wait for few days to buy it in online store
actually my hubby is the one who give me..
and finally yesterday the sennheiser come to my house..

It's really worth to wait
very good sound quality
really really cool

it's even give the warning
"You are about to activate AUDIOBOOST and
exceed the recommended safe output volume limits"
when i turn on the music in very minimum volume...

so i think i need to be careful too.. :D

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sounds Familiar ??

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Do you familiar with the address??
or maybe you can't ever forget the address

it could be the second address you remember
after your own address :))

It comes from my favorite movie
Finding Nemo,
when Dory realize that she can read..

The Quotes:
Marlin: Wait a minute! You can read?
Dory: I can read? That's right, I can READ!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To Feel The Change

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Just seeing a new timeline in fb..
and found a note section in the left side..
my own note in 2009

back again to the past
try to read it again

feel a little bit blushing
i mean,, woww that was me..
hahahhaha :))

so childish..

maybe in 4 years later if i read my post on 2013
i will tell the same reaction
"wowww that was me!!"

anyway the positive is
now i know that i'm change..
even though i never feel the change..
but the post can reflect that.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wall Sticker

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From an idea to make physical evidence
to record aleena's development

we buy a wall sticker
a ruler wall sticker..

we bought it long ago
but just yesterday success apply it in our room

hubby get the most contribution in apply it..
while myself was busy taking care of aleena
who can't stand in one place...

here it is the wall sticker...
aleena's most favorite is the cat meooww..
seems like she has a new pet..

Different Habit

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We just found out
that hubby and i have a different habit
in the way we eat noodles..

When i offer him a noodles..a little bundle noodles in the chopstick
suddenly he take over the chopstick and eat by his own style

after 9 years we just know our different style..
mine is twirling the noodles

and hubby is slurping the noodles
Which one is your style?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Nickname

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When other couple love to have a nickname
like mama papa, ummi abi, ayah bunda before they're married

i am a person who don't like it at all even until now..
i really avoid that nickname..

it's because our relationship is more like a bestfriend or playmate
and nickname like mommy or papap feels a little bit tough..
yap tough because it comes with the big responsible too..,

we make a promise not to have that nickname...
and still work till now

except in one condition

when aleena is around us...
i give up on this one..

cause when she wakes up her papap,
sometimes she call hubby's name..,

sorry hubby.., my mistake...

Choosing A Playgroup

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My sister will come back in august..
and will stay for few months..
and Haadi will also come with her

now she's looking for a playgroup for her son..

just try to browse some information about the playgroup in Bandung
but less than 5 minutes, i stop looking..

i have no idea which one the best..
every school seems offering some good program..,

i think it is better just to visiting one by one,
knowing the teacher and the environment
to get the best place to have a fun playing

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Family Dream

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Hubby: Let's go to the beach..
Me: ok but wait till aleena grow up

Hubby: but how about aleena's sister or brother?
Me: o yeaaa, then still long

Hubby: how many sister or brother for aleena?
Me: 8

Hubby: What, seriously..!
Me: then 7

Hubby: Seriously!!
Me: 6

Hubby: Please??
Me: 5

Hubby: Come on...
Me: Ok 4, can't we?

Never ending story actually

Anyway that is my dream to have a lot of children
I'm a single child.. physically
i mean i have one sister but she lives abroad for almost 5 years..

so the reality here
i'm a single child
and it feels really terrible..

i don't think it's enough to just have 2 or 3 childen
but still that's only my dream
All decision is only from Allah SWT..

a Walk To Remember

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It's 2013

and i'm still watching this movie

Last night with my xmini

and still crying

 missing the soundtrack and i can't find it in my library..

anyway here is one of my favorite song 'You' by Switchfoot

i love landon carter and really want it to be my future son's name

but of course rejected by hubby

can i?no.. why?no no..no.. can..can..?no...,

landon, it's a good name..

still no,,,, maybe someday i can convince him :p

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Graffiti Art

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When i search some fun widget for my blog..

 i suddenly remember about the memory from past

graphic theme from my first cellphone by the graffiti artists Keith Haring

LG KF600.. my favorite one, i bought it in 2009 from my first salary.

 I really love the unique design

feel a little boring with the design of cellphone today..

my hubby ask me a lot..  "When will you buy a new phone?"

"Let's buy a new one for you"

but still i can't find something unique...

if only LG will launch this kind of phone again with android platform..

Btw talk about the widget, here is the link Abrakadoodle, a widget to play and create pictures using graffiti art.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Date Night

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When people have trough their holiday on weekend
we were just opening our fun time at sunday night

going to theater to watch "Olympus Has Fallen"
at 9.15 pm when aleena has sleep..

before watching the movie, we first having our late dinner at KFC
the only one restaurant that still open in the mall..

it was very dark around the mall
a little bit scary but really fun too...

really different situation with saturday night
just about 6 persons who were at kfc
or at the theater..
very very quiet..

in parking area, there is only one car, our car..
we can use that area to have a driving practice..
but still i was scared.. it's too empty

if only i can get rid of the feeling..
there must be some fun around there..

btw about the movie...
i love the movie..
one man show is always be my favourite

Friday, April 5, 2013

White Gadgets

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I love white gadget especially when it combine with grey colour..
and all of my gadget have that combination color..,

My laptop is the most important gadget for me
it's my first one and already with me for almost 6 years..

never ever think to replace her.. even a little...
to add member maybe, but not to replace her

Here they are my gadgets who always accompany me everyday

Baby me and Aleena

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Do you see the picture?

If you know me, you wouldn't think that the baby was me...

because she has a light skin and fat...

compare to mine that a little bit dark skin and thin...

why am i change so much, long story anyway..
Btw does aleena look like me?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Baby Names

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For you who are looking for a baby name..

you can see in this website Bachpan

It's indian name acctually...

i love how this website give the suggestion for a baby name..

it gives you a concept...

like whether you want to get baby name by colour or emotions or nature or..

and if you for example choose emotions,

you'll get some list category such as faith,happy, joy,love and etc..

this is the first time i get a baby name that having meaning lovable...

finally after a few years.. just curious :p

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sauteed BB

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when having lunch with teh fit...
suddenly my hand feel so slippery

and ''''''''buuuukkkk'''''''''
my cellphone is in teh fit’s plate..
blend with tuna spicy sauce

freeze and stunned with the view...
not even try to lift the cellphone

teh fit is the one who got initiate to put out the cellphone
as if she’s saving one helpless child

The reaction is Big Laugh
can you imagine the front part is covered with red sauce
how could, stupid things, ooooo sauteed BB with spicy sauce :))

but fortunately it still work normally.. :)