Friday, April 26, 2013

# aleena

Miss My Baby

One impression that come when we (me and hubby) just start traveling
 is so light..

yap we ever feel travelling with a baby which is not simple at all
and yesterday we feel a little bit free..
and of course we enjoy that moment as much as possible too

just sometimes we miss her so much..
we also love seeing other baby in the airport

i even get a seat next to
a family with 17 months old baby girl..
they also come for graduation
so coincidence...

anyway i try not to remember her acctually
cause my mom once said that
if i think too much about her, she will get fussy

so it succeed, until my way home to bandung
i can't stand anymore..
i really really miss her and suddenly got phone call from my dad..
who said that aleena can't stop crying..

now i really miss her..
because this morning i already back to work again

can't wait to go home..
and see her smiley face..,

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