Thursday, April 11, 2013

# Family

My Family Dream

Hubby: Let's go to the beach..
Me: ok but wait till aleena grow up

Hubby: but how about aleena's sister or brother?
Me: o yeaaa, then still long

Hubby: how many sister or brother for aleena?
Me: 8

Hubby: What, seriously..!
Me: then 7

Hubby: Seriously!!
Me: 6

Hubby: Please??
Me: 5

Hubby: Come on...
Me: Ok 4, can't we?

Never ending story actually

Anyway that is my dream to have a lot of children
I'm a single child.. physically
i mean i have one sister but she lives abroad for almost 5 years..

so the reality here
i'm a single child
and it feels really terrible..

i don't think it's enough to just have 2 or 3 childen
but still that's only my dream
All decision is only from Allah SWT..

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