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time is precious

in the morning, when i prepared my things to go to the office, i wish that time would stop moving.. so i can enjoy my time..

i even push pause button in my cellphone when i listen to the mp3

then i realize

how precious the time for me...

in my mind, people who have a lot of time might really rich..

i wish to have 30 hours per day while others just have 24 hours... :p

i feel my time is really definite.. i spent a lot in working.., i love working i really love it.. but i just start thinking about having activities besides my current job..

time is moving so fast.. but i don't see any significant change in me

It is not about how much money i get every month but i wish i can have a lot of skill to get multiple income..,

what should i do??

a lot of weakness of mine:
* time management (i love doing some useless thing :p)
* courage