Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Hardest Part: being consistent

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When aleena got cough.... i said to her no chips....
But when aleena got fussy and i running out of idea to make her stop...  i give her the chips...

Then this little girl reminds me about the consistency....

She said "mommy no... cough....."

I forbid her to play ipad... but i stil play fruit ninja in front of her... now i only play ipad on the night...,

I teach her to pee on the bathroom but when we go outside and she asked me to go to bathroom, i said to her "just do it on your  diaper"

I'm sorry, i was wrong...,
But i'm grateful that sometimes you're really stubborn.... Because finally you can force me to go to the toilet..,

Add Instagram Photo To Blogger

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I just successful add my instagram photo to my blog..
and it's really easy.. I'm using SnapWidget

Click the link and start customize your widget..
Here is the example..,

I choose a Grid Type...
most sidebar width are between 200-300px, if you want to make 2x2 layout you need to set 100px or 150px for the thumbnail size

Actually there are 5 widget type: grid, board,  scrolling, slideshow and map..
If you want to see the difference you can click Preview button...

When you are ready to put the widget, you can get a code by clicking Get Widget button...

Now you just only need to copy and paste the code to HTML Widget on your blog's layout

Click Save and here's the result

Bicycle Wall Art

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When i try to found an idea to make bicycle wall art..
I get my inspiration from Oreo Bicycle
You should try to see it too... there are a lot of fun recipes for kids..

Anyway here is my pink bicycle...

it reminds me of the time when i was a child
my first bike, i play it everyday especialy after school on 1 PM 
one of the reason why my skin got tanned besides swimming

It's actually because i love outdoor sport.. :D

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20 Painting Tools for Art Activities

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When i make a decision to be stay at home mom, one of my goal is to get creative with aleena. The first activity that i want to do with her is painting. So i search a lot of some tools to use with paint and here are the 20 painting tools.

1. Ball [School Time Snippets]                        4. Tube  Teaching 2 and 3 Year Old
2. Credit Card [Happy Hooligans]                  5. Squeeze Bottle [Growing a Jeweled Rose]
3. Hands and Finger [Teaching Mama]                          

6. Vehicle toy [Mess For Less]     7. Leaves with all kind of shape and size [First Palette]
8. Ice Cube [Teaching Mama]      9. Fork [Blog Me Mom]
10. Dabber [Picklebums]

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How our story begin, 10 years ago

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Hello my lil girl, these days i don't write this blog 
so i feel a little guilty to not give you some memory...,

Since my relationship and your papap is already 10 years... 
i will tell you about how we start it...,

The story begin on OSKM, one event that intended for new students on august 2003., 
this event took place in 4 days..., students from various majors were collected randomly in small groups..., 
me and your papap belong to one group... the group number is 159...,

We might be in one group, but i don't have any memory of your papap... i don't even know what he looks like..., at the time i just know there was one boy exist with a name's because he was lazy, he just come in the first and the last day...,

The only fate is because we belong to the same group...,  one day after OSKM, our group were hold a farewell time, we share our contact information on lil book and took picture on studio.....

When the group were waiting for other member on boulevard, i had one little moment when i only pay attention to your papap from far away.... it was my first time saw what he looks like..., i said to myself that "he's different"... 

When the photo shoot is over, i still want to go..., so finally me, papap and one of our friend reza watch movie in theater..., we were watching the Pirates of the Caribbean:the curse of the black pearl and pick the middle seat...,I can say that was our first movie.... about reza, he prefer to sit in the side. I just know it when the movie is over..., 

Do you know what.... i was the one who always started to contact your papap....,  On Saturday when i feel bored at home, i open my little book and try to find a friend to hang out with.... from all names i get interest to your papap.. the reason are because he has a worst handwriting and has a unique phone number.... i can  memorize it easly and also still remember it, 8382820..,

I message your papa and ask him whether he has a plan to go or not...and he hasn't so we were hangout together, and that was the beginning of my hangout friend on weekend :Dwe spend a lot of our time together on weekend....  just friend, i like being with your papap.., he is a cool boy, when he talk, he make it straight to the point not the sweet one.., i guess it is one of his charming that make me like him...,

On january 2004 i lose contact from your papap because i need to through one stage as new students...., 
I started to forget him and also to lose my feeling for him...,  

On february 2004 when i have finish those stage, i finally back home. Actually at that time i was sick so i was immediately hospitalized., i was skinny and darkened.., it's very ugly, no time for recover and  your papap suddenly wants to come to the hospital.., i should feel embarassed but since i lose my feeling then i don't really care about my appearance in front of him..,

Acctually he is really sweet because with my appearance at that time, he stil care about me., 
even when i want to avoid him....,

I have no idea where it come from, but when i like a boy and finally he starts to have some feeling for me,  i don't interested any more..., Bad habit, don't ever follow it ok...