Friday, March 14, 2014

# Toddler Activities

20 Painting Tools for Art Activities

When i make a decision to be stay at home mom, one of my goal is to get creative with aleena. The first activity that i want to do with her is painting. So i search a lot of some tools to use with paint and here are the 20 painting tools.

1. Ball [School Time Snippets]                        4. Tube  Teaching 2 and 3 Year Old
2. Credit Card [Happy Hooligans]                  5. Squeeze Bottle [Growing a Jeweled Rose]
3. Hands and Finger [Teaching Mama]                          

6. Vehicle toy [Mess For Less]     7. Leaves with all kind of shape and size [First Palette]
8. Ice Cube [Teaching Mama]      9. Fork [Blog Me Mom]
10. Dabber [Picklebums]

11. String [Prescholl Powol Packets]                  14. Q-tip Housing a Forest
12. Homemade Stamp [Life as a Mommy]         15. Pipettes [Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds]       
13. Roller Paint Brush [No Time For Flash Card]

16. Stick [Toddler Approved]                17. Sponge [Kids Activities Blog]
18. Bottle [Hands On as We Grow]       19. Paper Plate [Putti's World]
20. Buble Wrap [Hands On as We Grow]

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