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Again just the 2 of us

Hey you two,

Good picture

How could your mommy wasn't there, Aleena

And hubby where is your beautiful wife... Envy :p

What not to do

The era has change but there is one thing I want to do.. That is

Not  introduce a gadget to Aleena until she really really need it.. Except she learn it by herself

What i mean is about how to use computer or cellphone...

The consequence is outdated

Anyway maybe there other solution, but I don't know, I just don't want to see her spend her time in front of computer or play a game in cellphone

Moreover I actually don't want to introduce her to tv...

But since the tv is part of my fam favorite, then I can't really avoid it...

I just want she can experience what I have in my childhood

Playing a game with the neighbor, a traditional game, have an adventure with the bicycle, play a badminton and etc...

Those thing are a rare item around my nephew and niece...

Just hopefully that's not for Aleena...

Mini Things

Just realize that I have a lot of mini thing

Start from Diana mini (3 years ago), Xmini (1.5 years ago) and imini (3 months ago)...

Never planned it actually..

Just choose and buy it..

Like a coincidence thing but maybe I do love the mini things

One word: efficient

Yap save space..  Love this one..,

Xmini is Mine

my cellphone is her favorite item ..
she loves to grab my xmini..
the only i can do is to give her in flight mode of course..
so if you can't reach me, that could be the xmini turn into aleena's toy

Running Man

the korean reality show you must see..

really funny and will make you have a big laugh

i really really really enjoy this one

thanks hubby for show me this show..

like a gift in a bad time

try to watch and enjoy...

it's only one part, part 7 from episode 1

Reading Time

Her book, all about black and white..
What she love is to turn over the sheet of the book
For now, that is the only reason for her to love a book...
Hopefully you will love reading like your papap..
Don't follow your mommy who only love book if it contain a lot of picture :p

So Tough

When shopping can't make me happy

When eating my favorite food can't make me happy..

that's what i feel in few days ago..

There's nothing wrong about the work load

it's only the type of work that i don't really like..

it makes a very biggg burden in my mind...

but now this thing already gone a little by little..

because  i try to accept it and do more effort

very happy to see the document finally have a content..

just 2 more day my burden will be lost not forever but

change into another work load... whatever...  Let's think later..

New Weight Record

This month aleena's weight is 9.045 kg.. last month she was underweight..,7.65kg for a year baby..

Really really really happy to see her progress..

the first time in 13 months, her weight raise 1430 gram in a month
usually her monthly progress is only about 200-400 gram or even not at all ...

This is what happen in a month
1. Aleena stop eating at 6 pm. Usually she eats at 6 or 7 pm. The doctor said baby should not eat after 6 pm because  it would be hard for the digestive organ to work in the night..

2. Since she already a years, the doctor allow aleena to drink soya milk., usually she drinks NAN HA (hypoallergenic). I have no idea if it really significant but one doctor said that the difference between HA and non HA is only in the processing technology not in the nutrition.

3. Beside the breast-milk, she drinks a milk from 500-650 ml. Usually she drinks 400-450 ml per day..

4. Since she moves a lot, she needs a lot of energy, so now she eats a lot.. Her eating habit is better n…

Our Habit

What we're doing in atm center or lift.. :p

Floral Pattern

This pattern is my favorite one..


i don't have to think a lot when i  found the floral pattern items..

clothes or shoes..

i love them all

and this shoes will come into my wishlist

and talk about the second picture...

i love to see the contrast color between the shoes and the pants...


this bright color shoes will also going into my wishlist :D

Do You See Your Age

Just found this picture in "Pose"

Oooo I can't see my age :))

Okay not that young anymore...

One thing that I haven't change is my style...

How I wear a cloth or a make up

Still the same...

I should really change it

My mom sometimes critique me in this thing...

It's difficult to leave my comfort style... But at least I try to move my past clothes

Of course I close my eyes in this situation...

Or it would be no changes at all.... :p

One Thing at a Time

Just happened to me in this evening

try to send a text message while walking home

But keep doing a spell mistake

So finally gave up and just standing while texting

It's more efficient actually

Me Time

Sometimes awaken by aleena's cry in the midnight
try to sleep again by listening to the music..

everybody is sleeping
and around me is very very quiet
no noise at all..

just music and me
time to refresh my mind
and time to talk to Allah..,

Feeling good
and i really love this moment

One heart

Maybe because we interact quite long

We often have same idea, opinion or suggestion to one thing...

Sometimes feel amazing when it happen to us..

Even there is no clue but I can find out what he wants, just only heard his tone when he said "guess what"

And so to my hubby, sometimes he just prepare a thing that i need before i really think about it..,

Just sometimes feel we were born for each other..,

Maybe it is..


Big family

Birthday Gift

Thank you for all the birthday wishes for our little aleena...
It means a lot for us 

and the gift, they are so cute and loveable  
Thank you thank you very much...,

1st Birthday Cake

In Aleena's birthday, we prepare two tasty cake for the guess

strowberry cheesecake and triple chocolate for chocolate maniac..

and for my little girl.. we prepare a mini cupcake...

just for symbolize,

sorry little girl

next time you're gonna try it.. :p

Future Kitchen

If there is a comfy place in the house beside our bedroom

that will be the kitchen..

our favorite place..

we spending time a lot in the kitchen

messing around actually : p 

so that will be a lot of effort to make the best kitchen

Green Fairy Wing

Tanteeeeee fitaaa mama arslan hey hey hey

Baaaa (aleena's way of calling people)

look at me..

thank you for the green fairy wing..

am i cute :D

Meal Time Seat

When meal time is coming, our aleena will be sit on her baby seat

but without the table of course..

because she doesn't like to be bounded..

even it's not safe at all, but just trust her on this one,,,

If i put on the table..

she will try to release herself from safety belt..

no matter how tight the safety belt, she will always  find the way to release herself..

try to stand up and start do some effort to runaway from this chair..

what a girl

Unlike me

Have you ever mess something?.
I just did, I guess..

I just can't put my heart on it
It's out of my interest
Feels like a robot...
No significant result.,

I'm really sorry

Since I'm the one who decide to work and
have chosen in this new project, then
let's just accept and survive in this situation...

Maybe someone see my competence
that I don't see it on myself

At least, it just a temporary job..
Before I really move to other city..,

Just hopefully
i can get some fun in this unwanted situation..,

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Hiii hubby

Do you love me.. :)

I love you most, really

2 years married...

Seems very short...

It's almost 9 years actually

Wish you were here...

Then let's make a plan...

Anyway love about the infinity thing, you show me in this afternoon

Just to see it I already happy, to have it hmmm you guess it :p

Thank you honey... Lophloph

Her movement

One word describe about aleena's movement is slippery

Walking so fast from one side to other side of the house..

Even the feet are still unbalanced (on learning process)

Can't stop except she found a food or hear her favorite commercial on tv

Alhamdulillah, my break time :p

Her movement is like an eel...

My grandma once said  to stop feeding her an eel...

Because she eat that everyday..

No relation actually about eating eel and her movement

But when you meet her, you'll understand..

Paint a history

We were listening to radio and hear a original soundtrack of 'Habibie & Ainun'

The title song is 'cinta sejati'

And our favorite part is 'cinta kita melukiskan sejarah'

My hubby love this movie..

Because the story is comprehensive...

Anyway talk about paint a history

It's really a big thing

I wish I can do that too...

Just thinking how can I be a part of history

Still thinking

But someday I will...

Think Positive

enjoy your time..

have a moment in your day..

Her Smiley Face

just seeing adel's photo with the bolster..,

make me remind of aleena's picture..

the moment when she just wake up..

my favourite one, love her smile..

yap i never miss the smile on her face

here is the picture

still feel sleepy  and just lean her body on the bolster..

Future Son

Take a look at this picture..

do you see the boy?

really cute and handsome...

if you curious about my future son..

just take a look at him :p

anyway he plays at korean drama 'Can You Hear My heart'

a talented kid actors.. and his name is Kang Chan Hee

A Good Life

get this from theberry about a good life

let's review...

assume nothing : ok (i always make myself blank when facing some difficult situation)

do more : of course (to reduce the nervous)

need less : no, i have so many i guess, who's not, :D

dream big : yes i do

big laugh : all the time, it's important for me to enjoy my day..

realize how blessed you are : yes of course absolutely