Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

New Thing

November 04, 2011 1 Comments
Trying out a new thing could be really enjoyable..

avocado dicaprio, one of the J.Co Donuts variant.. I choose that taste instead of tiramisu when one of my friends bring a lot of donuts. Actually, i just pick randomly, one unusual donut that i think i'll never choose ever in my life. Since it's free, so i think thats ok to have a wrong choice for once.

But then, the taste is really really amazing.., No regrets at all.. now i still imagine the taste and feeling helpless because J.Co is kind of hard to reach in Jakarta.

Because that experience, now i always try to do something out of my habit..let's get out from the comfort zone.. :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My weekday Activities

November 02, 2011 0 Comments
04:22 my hubby's alarm starts ringing and will keep sounding until he realized the alarm is really annoying.,
04:30 I wakes up earlier coz I took the bath time longer than hubby.,
05:10 I finish take a bath then try to wake my hubby and usually he just give a sign to sleep longer for 2-5 minutes.,
05:15-05:35 hubby's turn to get ready
Arround 05:40 start moving, first destination is smu 81 @jatiwaringin
06:00 arrive at the school, and while waiting mom fulfill her absent, I used to walk for a hundred meters to buy some breakfast (nasi kuning, risoles, lontong,pastel,kue lumpur)
06:15 start the quite a long journey to our office for arround 45 minutes to an hour. We spend our time with the breakfast and listening roti (ronal tike) @101 jak fm., really entertaining and make our day brighter in the middle of jakarta's traffic., for all of you wherever you are just try to listen jak fm at 6am to 10 am., its fun :D
Arround 07:10-07:20 finally in my office @slipi, but still not the end journey for my hubby., he needs to take bussway or ojeg to his office.,
Waiting for 08:00 I used to watch a serial movie or play plant vs zombie or sleep., sometimes I oversleep. The worst is till 08:30, I was late and I was in the parking place right in front of my office, but thank god it just happen one time., I also used to put the make up on the car.,
Till 09:00 I read news today, email from dealkeren or disdus expect some good offer for food or some product., and close to 9o'clock I used to see my log list., what job for today.,
There are 3 conditions in spending my time till 5pm
1. I got enjoyable list that make me forget about the time, just suddenly lunch time.
2. I got difficult job that make my day turn very fast and have a little result
3. I got a lot of list but better than idle bcause my superior doesn't really like to see his team is idle, so actually I feel comfortable when I'm in charge.
One thing I love about my job is no homework., outside my office, my mind is free, and I really love freedom.,
After 5o'clock it is time to wait my hubby., if I were lucky my hubby will arrive before 6pm but when he has a big order he will come in 7o'clock
In waiting my hubby I usually watch movie or doing overtime job., actually I never expect extra income, I just try do my job well but then my superior told me to count it in as overtime so it's more enjoyable.,
The happiest time is when my hubby called me and said that he already close to my office., then it means meal time.,
Something missing is because we seldom having meal in home., we eat a lot in outside., I never cook for him except in weekends., it seems that we running out of our time in the outside.,
But I think it just for a meanwhile, coz things would be different in the next year.,
In the journey to the home, we listening again to jak fm with vicky, the show is called 10 in a row where mostly play a song than a commercial break., we usually sharing our activity in the office.,
Finally coming home at 8 or 9 pm, we running out of energy., we might watch movie but most of it we sleep immediately.
The end of the day