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Couple Thing


Letter to Hubby

Dear hubby

take a look at this picture

is it cute,beautiful and yummy too... isn't it??

agree, then buy me one



Preparing For A Professional Baby Shoot

This is a few tips to prepare a professional baby shoot (based on 11 months baby experience)

1. Coming in the morning after a feed. Actually this is my aleena's play time.. The important thing is to know
your baby's routine and get photo shoot in her playing time.

2. For clothing, bring two or three outfit is enough.. or if you aren't sure bring a few and ask the photographer. In aleena's experience, she change it 4 times.. and for the result  the second and the third outfit is the best one in her photo shoot.

in the first outfit, she looks like she was warming up. not really good and not bad either, but just not special..., and for the last outfit, we already running out of ideas and feel a little bit tired..  so the result is also just ordinary picture. Here is the picture.

3. Playing her favorite song on the studio., In this time, my hubby play some music like little snowflake and twinkle twinkle little star.. The purpose is to make her comfortable and feels like at…

The Rainbow

heyyyy look at this picture

finally finally finally
after 15 years
i can see a rainbow again

this one is really beautiful
even just for a half of the rainbow..

just after a minute, the rainbow then disappear

Thank you thank you thank you very much
 for the gift for the chance

Crucial Week

in this week my baby is sick.. and at the same time my hubby is sick too...  this a little bit hard for me.. because i can’t fully take care of them at the same time..  and it also so difficult to find an internist on the weekend..

To my hubby..i’m  very sorry  because i’m too focus to aleena.. in this time aleena is very active and
what she wants is to playing and walking around in living room.. 
i wonder why she has a lot of energy  while her condition is not really good.. The only time she will feel tired is  when she has drink her medicine...
get well soon my baby and hubby too... love you both

Rag Skirt

doesn’t it look cute...

the skirt is very unique 

i really want it for aleena

try to find the tutorial

and finnaly get it

seems easy to make it by myself

but no time heuu..

then someday i will

here is the link rag skirt tutorial

Organize Space

I love to see things being organized

one of the benefit is to save the space and it looks very neat..

and here they are some idea that i get from ehow-spark

get so many inspirations and

ove the tagline Dream it, Do it, Done

but still in the step dream it :D

The Birthday Girl

waaww a year
back again to january

my little baby now is
bigger and smarter..
and of course more beautiful..

wishing you always be healthy
enjoy your day and have fun

welcome to another step of your development
you're going to discover new thing
and will be happy to get it

hey baby we love you so much
happy 1st birthday sweetheart

mommy & papap

Let's Organize

i really need to organize my laptop
so many files in many folders

too happy to explore till i ignore the storage
many files not in the proper folder

so i guess tomorrow
the organize thing will come to my primary to do list

even if i can't see the mess clearly
but sometimes it's annoying
moreover when the perfectionist side come
it's burden me so much

Discovery Week

on this 3rd week

i get so many ideas
many things to explore
many many many many....

so happy to found it
just feel a little bit difficult
to find more time to exploring

still wishing to have 30 hours per day :p

Morning View

The beautiful moment in the morning

is when i see aleena wake up

seeing the big eyes become slant eyes like her papap

and of course her smiling face...

try to have her photograph..

calling her name and uppppsss flash

but then finally get the picture

The Real Answer

Some people always ask me about this question
why don't you become an lecturer?

and this is what i  reply
cause i have no competence
cause i have no confidence


the real answer is cause i don't want it..
just that..


My Life My Choice

Just miss a chance to be an educators

this is the first time in my life
i never miss a chance that come in my life
cause i love to improve my self

but this time..
i clearly refuse it

maybe i'm going to regret it
but i won't let it happen to my life

i choose my life
cause i have my dream now

i'm going to prove that
i also can make it true and
it really worth for me and
hopefully for other people too..

My Little Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping so tight on my bed before she move to her box

Life is But A Dream

a little bit confuse about this part lyric from the song ' Row Row Row Your Boat'
so i try to search what does it mean.. and finnaly found this article

here is the link  Life is but a dream

and here is the underline from the article

The boat
The boat signifies this body. It is the vessel for moving, learning, and growing.

Row, row, row
Without rowing, your boat won’t move – will it? Reaching your destination requires effort, discipline, and clarity of direction.

Gently down the stream
Pushing too hard only creates stress, tension, and illness. Enjoy the fullness of the moment as it streams by.

Merrily, merrily, merrily
Attitude is everything. A gentle, playful spirit will magnetize positivity and good results.

Life is but a dream
Life is often likened to an illusion – a dream, a magic show, a visual aberration, a mirage, an echo, a reflection. All that arises in our mind and in the world around us appears yet is empty of inherent existence.

Row Row Row Your Boat

This song is hubby's favourite from super simple song

Simple song but has a deep meaning

enjoy it 

from su

Parking Spot

have you ever feel there's place provide specially for u
cause we do.. :p

going to 1 mall
and we have the same parking spot
in two different days..
while around that spot are full with other car

the spot is the easy one and wondering
why other car didn't choose that spot

acctually we almost go there again for the 3rd time
because we need to return the wrong item

but since the car is unavailable..
we then not going and still curious about that :)

just questioning, could we have the same spot again..??

How To Add Read More in Blogger

Based on my friend's experience, teh fit

she wants to cut the article..
because she find it too long and her blog seems only fill with one article..

then she think about to add this link 'read more'
try to find it but she can't find the easy way
until one day she find this feature 'jump break'

yap what you need to do is only insert jump break when you write the post

just click this icon
in the middle of your post

Fresh Your Day

Do you always have a lunch in the same place

or picking the same group of menu every week

or doing thing in the same way

or going somewhere with the same transportation

or walking through the same route

or listening to the same playlist

then ask this question to yourself

if you no idea when it happened, then you need to fresh your life..

try something new

get something new

whether it's a good or bad experience, at least you try it..

and be happy on it :)

Tough Week

this week is very hard for me...

feel more ambitious..
arrange a high target for myself

too much think
less sleep in night
make my head feel heavy and dizzy every day

at the end of the week
i was sick
but it's better cause i can clear my mind..
and get a very deep sleep
without thinking anything

what a tough week

i wish my next week will be better..
need to define it easier

Aleena's First Step Moment

it happened in wednesday 9 January 2013...
i wish i hold a camera..

never expected she could have her first step in this time...
i feel really really happy

at that time i watch it form her back..
when she trying to stand up..

i don't hold her hand,
cause i want to give her the trust..

i only make sure that around her is secure
just let her do what she want..

and suddenly after stand up for a seconds
her feet are moving
left righ left

those little feet are moving
really cute.... :)

anyway she really plan it..
because before she move
she's screaming to call in the family member

she want to show off..
what a girl... :p

Looking For Peach Item

Peach, one colour that fit aleena very much...
i feel very very happy if i can find the item in peach...

Now i feel a little bit desperate to find this color..
when i'm focus looking on one colour...
it could be one in a million
 in other word i can't find it..

if any of you find something in peach (t shirt or legging or jumper or headband)
please tell me where it is...

here is the example

Bright Shiny Morning

Just get a smile in the morning from a little girl in angkot..

when there is a little girl passing in front of me..
i spontaneous give a smile to her...

then the unexpected moment is when she stop her move
and try to smile back at me and saying bye..bye..

The Imitator

Aleena has done a lot of imitation from our behavior..,
following her papap facial expression or
feeding me like i feeding her

Yesterday night when her grandfather is eating the crackers..
aleena ask him to give her..

once she get the crackers...
she turn it into a little pieces..
and direct it to my mouth..

she doesn't want to give it in one time..
what she doing is exactly the same like when i give her a biscuit

so then this is the story when we feed each other..
not bad for fill in the hunger..,
cause sometimes i can't do anything beside feeding her

Dream Reminder

Sometimes i have a lot of spirit in working on my dream
but sometimes i feel my dream is impossible
even more sometimes i forget about this..
then i found this from

Those picture are going to be my dream reminder..
And hopefully i always have the spirit
to make it true, amin

Just The 2 of Us

Love this picture so much.. get the chemistry between them..
Love you all

Lucky Week

This 2 words reflected my first week in 2013
 Thank you for everything

A little Explanation

I believe every baby are smart., I ju┼čt realize it..,

Here is the example:
Aleena will feel disturbing
when we put something in her head (hat or headband)

But one day,
I put the headband in front of mirror
where she could see her own reflection.,
and do you know what,
she's smiling and doesn't mind at all
with the headband that acctualy a new thing for her.,

Yap a little explanation is important to make her understand.

like hey we're going outside so use ur hat ok..
Or hey look at that beautifull girl..,something like that.,

Thinking it in our position,
when someone put something on our head..
We would have the same reaction.

So just tell the reason and she will understand why we do that.,

Lucky Mistake

when my hubby planning back to jakarta in 4 am..
he made some alarm to wake him up at 3 am..

but then we just woke up at 5.30 am..
he wonder why he doesn't hear it

btw this is the reason..

his cellphone woke me up at 2.30 am..
i feel it too early so i choose to dismiss the alarm
which is means the alarm stop sounding forever..

the second reason is he made it in the ipad that on silent mode.
we usually play game on it and turn off the sound so that
aleena could sleep well..,
yap we forgot about the silent mode

my hubby then going on 6.30 am
feeling guilty then..

few hour later, in the afternoon he tell the story about his friends
that also have a trip from bandung (3 am) to jakarta (8.30 am)..

from this point of view, he was lucky because his trip takes 3.5 hours..,
compare to his friends that takes 5.5 hours..,

The trip is longer than usual because it was on holiday season..,
so it is best to just going back in the day before, if it is on holiday season
cause many people…

Happy Day

a new day on 2013, our aleena is really cheerful..
she loves to tease her papap..
kissing, hitting and biting her papap..

smile and laugh a lot
even more she laugh when she was sleeping

smiling when sleeping is usual thing
but laughing, it's my first time seeing that
really cute :)

First Wish on 2013

Please make our Aleena sleep very tight on 12 am.,
The reason is because the firework show by shopping place and hotel around my home.,

The firework is continuous about 15 minutes
It's above our roof, so close...,
It's really beautiful and fun actually but before we have Aleena..,
We just worry about the noise...,
since our Aleena is really really sensitive..,

First wish then came true..,
she sleep very well on 12 am and
wake up for a moment  after the shows end...,


Anyway welcome 2013 and let's make a wish