Tuesday, January 15, 2013

# tutorial

How To Add Read More in Blogger

Based on my friend's experience, teh fit

she wants to cut the article..
because she find it too long and her blog seems only fill with one article..

then she think about to add this link 'read more'
try to find it but she can't find the easy way
until one day she find this feature 'jump break'

yap what you need to do is only insert jump break when you write the post

just click this icon
in the middle of your post


  1. iyaa ci,, gw juga selalu pake itu,,
    tapi gunanya bukan cuma buat artikel panjang, jadi gunanya biar yang baca blog kita ga bosen, jadi waktu buka page blog nya ga cuma ada satu artikel yang muncul tapi banyak karena masing2 artikel diliatin cuma headernya doang sepanjang yang kita suka.

  2. hooo iya tan btul btul juga..