Sunday, January 27, 2013

# weekly

Crucial Week

in this week my baby is sick.. and at the same time my hubby is sick too... 
this a little bit hard for me..
because i can’t fully take care of them at the same time.. 
and it also so difficult to find an internist on the weekend..

To my hubby..i’m  very sorry 
because i’m too focus to aleena..
in this time aleena is very active and
what she wants is to playing and walking around in living room.. 

i wonder why she has a lot of energy 
while her condition is not really good..   
The only time she will feel tired is 
when she has drink her medicine...

get well soon my baby and hubby too...
love you both

1 comment:

  1. cepet cembuh ya lenaaa...onti fita punya kadoo buat lenaaa...nanti janjian sama papanya lena dulu yaaa :)