Friday, January 4, 2013

# aleena

A little Explanation

I believe every baby are smart., I juşt realize it..,

Here is the example:
Aleena will feel disturbing
when we put something in her head (hat or headband)

But one day,
I put the headband in front of mirror
where she could see her own reflection.,
and do you know what,
she's smiling and doesn't mind at all
with the headband that acctualy a new thing for her.,

Yap a little explanation is important to make her understand.

like hey we're going outside so use ur hat ok..
Or hey look at that beautifull girl..,something like that.,

Thinking it in our position,
when someone put something on our head..
We would have the same reaction.

So just tell the reason and she will understand why we do that.,

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