Wednesday, January 16, 2013

# Dream Big # Life Lesson

Life is But A Dream

a little bit confuse about this part lyric from the song ' Row Row Row Your Boat'
so i try to search what does it mean.. and finnaly found this article

here is the link  Life is but a dream

and here is the underline from the article

The boat
The boat signifies this body. It is the vessel for moving, learning, and growing.

Row, row, row
Without rowing, your boat won’t move – will it? Reaching your destination requires effort, discipline, and clarity of direction.

Gently down the stream
Pushing too hard only creates stress, tension, and illness. Enjoy the fullness of the moment as it streams by.

Merrily, merrily, merrily
Attitude is everything. A gentle, playful spirit will magnetize positivity and good results.

Life is but a dream
Life is often likened to an illusion – a dream, a magic show, a visual aberration, a mirage, an echo, a reflection. All that arises in our mind and in the world around us appears yet is empty of inherent existence.

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