Wednesday, June 1, 2011

# Life Lesson

Lesson for Today

Begin with friend of mine ask about read her blog (intan)

long long time since i read it for the last time.,

so many things have passed

read it page by page

feel so close to her, it seems she sit right next to me

then i feel, i'm not alone..

thank you

after that try to read my other friend's blog (ukie n fita)

i really enjoy it

the same feeling come again

my friends are here with me


i really miss u all..

jealousy.. something that happen in the first time when i read their blog

but then i realize

everybody have their own pleasure..

and also

everybody have their own problem..

because of that

i'm grateful for what i have till now


i'll change my mind about my problem..

i mean everybody have problem and i'm not alone

just in different case that appropriate to our ability

just KEEP FIGHTING everyone

Thanks to Intan, i'm going to write my story...

Just keep update girls, i really happy to read it..


  1. aku sukaaaa, especially bagian: everybody have their own pleasure..

    ehm, oppps, since this blog was written in English, i think i must comment in English too as well^^

    i really like ur post, especially this part: "everybody have their own pleasure.."

    u're welcome Chong, good luck 4 us, kisses n hugs >,<

    P.S: plis give comment 4 my blog too, LOL

  2. thank you tan.. bebas ko mo pake bahasa apa aja boleh d.. itu si pleasure gw tadi nyari di google translate., mentok vocabnya..,

    ceritanya mu lancar nulis pake bhs inggris eh ujung2nya google translate, tetep deh hehehe :p

  3. gorgeously blog Chiw,,made promise to update new post yah Chiw, and then count me as your fans,,^_^

  4. ahh ukie so sweet hehe i will kie i will :D