Wednesday, June 29, 2011

# aleena

Hello, my name is ZIA..

I am the fetus that grows safely inside my mommy's womb, my mommy is a wonderful and beautiful woman named Asri Asrianti, you might know her as achi, i almost can not count how many times my daddy greet me, sometimes he kisses me (trough my mommy's tummy) sometimes he talks to me, sometimes he also hug me and mommy...

I was 4 weeks old when my parents found out about me, they both really exited and also nervous, especially I will be the first child to them. I am also exited to be born in this world, i know i will become pride and jewel to my parents..

There is a little bit changing in my daddy's life after he found out about me, my daddy now is more careful and noisy about everything my mommy do. he also drive mommy to work and he ride transjakarta to his office, he did that so he can maintain healthiness to prepare for the time i born hopefully on february 2012.

Hmmm... sometimes I was wondering why my parents give me the name ZIA, the story happened the night when my mommy found out about me in her womb. my daddy is so curious so eager to have a name for me. My mommy is very strict in naming so she gave option about name and it must be started with the letter: A, L, N, S.. so my father search in an application in his android phone, he find the name Nadzira, it's an arabic origin with the meaning of viewer, controller, watcher, he liked this name very much because it will represent me as a watcher of my brothers and sisters that will be born after me.. so they name me Nadzira and Zia to be short..

Yesterday my parents photographs me with this thing called USG, I was really happy the photographed me so i can show them how healthy i grow inside my mommy wombs, although they a little bit disappointed because I was only alone and not twins but they are still very, very happy to see me healthy, i was measured at 21 mm in length and my age was 8 weeks and 6 Days..

Wow.. I still have plenty of time to enjoy inside my mommy's womb, and when i am ready to be born i will make my parents proud of having me, and although later my parents might change my name but i will still be a watcher for my brothers and sisters..


  1. just have one word to comment: ENVY with capital :D

  2. aaaahh cant wait to see youu, zia :)