Monday, June 6, 2011

# Daily Journal

My new day

Today is monday and saturday is stil stil very long time...

Since I know that I am pregnant for 4 weeks, I feel time is moving so slow

Really cant wait for the day...
Is it twin
Is it girl or boy or both of them

I really want to know the progress in every month.,

then now im counting a lot
day by day
week by week

My condition right now really hungry, want to eat a lot but I cant, I feel terible when I throw up and I hate it.
The doctor suggest me to eat often than to eat a lot..

Out from my habit so it kind a difficult for me..

but I feel happy really happy because I have the best husband in the world

He loves me and my babies a lot
He protect us a lot sometimes its over too
He hug me a lot
He even cook a delicious food for me

For all of that Thank You 남변 for everything

Hopefully my babies will be the cutest babies in the world :D