Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Preparing For A Professional Baby Shoot

This is a few tips to prepare a professional baby shoot (based on 11 months baby experience)

1. Coming in the morning after a feed. Actually this is my aleena's play time.. The important thing is to know
your baby's routine and get photo shoot in her playing time.

2. For clothing, bring two or three outfit is enough.. or if you aren't sure bring a few and ask the photographer. In aleena's experience, she change it 4 times.. and for the result  the second and the third outfit is the best one in her photo shoot.

in the first outfit, she looks like she was warming up. not really good and not bad either, but just not special..., and for the last outfit, we already running out of ideas and feel a little bit tired..  so the result is also just ordinary picture. Here is the picture.

3. Playing her favorite song on the studio., In this time, my hubby play some music like little snowflake and twinkle twinkle little star.. The purpose is to make her comfortable and feels like at home.

4. Give her a space..Thanks for the photographers to let us have our own space for the first time, it helping us very much since our aleena feel a little bit scared to new people. In the middle time, aleena is the one who approach the photographer :D

5. Let her explore and play.. Allow her to be as when she enjoying other day out.

Get a smile and laugh photo shoot is a gift for me but for being herself in the picture is also the best for me..

So hopefully you can get a fun photo shoot too..

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