Monday, February 25, 2013

# aleena

New Weight Record

This month aleena's weight is 9.045 kg.. last month she was underweight..,7.65kg for a year baby..

Really really really happy to see her progress..

the first time in 13 months, her weight raise 1430 gram in a month
usually her monthly progress is only about 200-400 gram or even not at all ...

This is what happen in a month
1. Aleena stop eating at 6 pm. Usually she eats at 6 or 7 pm. The doctor said baby should not eat after 6 pm because  it would be hard for the digestive organ to work in the night..

2. Since she already a years, the doctor allow aleena to drink soya milk., usually she drinks NAN HA (hypoallergenic). I have no idea if it really significant but one doctor said that the difference between HA and non HA is only in the processing technology not in the nutrition.

3. Beside the breast-milk, she drinks a milk from 500-650 ml. Usually she drinks 400-450 ml per day..

4. Since she moves a lot, she needs a lot of energy, so now she eats a lot.. Her eating habit is better now.. she eat faster than before.. as if she enjoy the meal..  yap maybe that's the point...Enjoyment.,

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