Friday, February 15, 2013

# aleena

Meal Time Seat

When meal time is coming, our aleena will be sit on her baby seat

but without the table of course..

because she doesn't like to be bounded..

even it's not safe at all, but just trust her on this one,,,

If i put on the table..

she will try to release herself from safety belt..

no matter how tight the safety belt, she will always  find the way to release herself..

try to stand up and start do some effort to runaway from this chair..

what a girl


  1. iiih ko dah ABG aja siiih, apalgi yg pk cardigan wow bgt deh, kyk mau naek pesawat aja y cong, buckled up!! hehe

  2. ituuu klo diliat lebih jelas rompi tan hehehe lebih gaya aja kan wkkk :p ehh aleena jadi naik pesawat lho tante

  3. owh iya rompiii, wah mau naek pesawat kesini ya aleena? btw d bday party,aleena pk tutu skirt yaaa,bikn ci? #positive thinking ;)

  4. iya tan bertutu ria.. cita2 aku pengen tutu,,, akhirnya kesampean