Thursday, April 18, 2013

# Daily Journal

My Important Things

There are three most important things for me on the go..
They are my cellphone,atm card and earphone
cellphone.. of course everybody need it, who's not..

atm card.. with atm, everything can be fine..
i mean i'm not scared even when i don't bring cash money..

earphone.. is the thing that control my mood..
when i'm going to the office without this item..
my day feel really empty..
moreover when on the trip back to home
sometimes it feels as much important as my cellphone..

one day i lose my earphone..
since i really need it, i just buy the cheap one
which is only stand for a week..

to complete my day usually i take an easy way
just buy the cheap one
but since it always broken in just few days..

then i give up..

i wait for few days to buy it in online store
actually my hubby is the one who give me..
and finally yesterday the sennheiser come to my house..

It's really worth to wait
very good sound quality
really really cool

it's even give the warning
"You are about to activate AUDIOBOOST and
exceed the recommended safe output volume limits"
when i turn on the music in very minimum volume...

so i think i need to be careful too.. :D

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