Monday, April 8, 2013

# Daily Journal

Date Night

When people have trough their holiday on weekend
we were just opening our fun time at sunday night

going to theater to watch "Olympus Has Fallen"
at 9.15 pm when aleena has sleep..

before watching the movie, we first having our late dinner at KFC
the only one restaurant that still open in the mall..

it was very dark around the mall
a little bit scary but really fun too...

really different situation with saturday night
just about 6 persons who were at kfc
or at the theater..
very very quiet..

in parking area, there is only one car, our car..
we can use that area to have a driving practice..
but still i was scared.. it's too empty

if only i can get rid of the feeling..
there must be some fun around there..

btw about the movie...
i love the movie..
one man show is always be my favourite

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