Monday, April 29, 2013

# Holiday

Kaliurang, Jogja

when we were in Jogja,,,
we stayed at hotel cakra kembang on kaliurang street..

the hotel is quite good.. and i love about the location.
so many restaurant and boutique

i should not need to worry about the dress..
cause i think i can just buy it at the same day..
since there are also many boutique around there :p

in front of hotel, there is a circle K
so it's really really helping the guess so much
especially a person like me who don't have a well preparation

The location is also near to MM UGM building..
just about 3km...
but unfortunately the public transportation like angkot or bus is really seldom..
so the choice is only taxi or just get walk..

we walk a lot but ride taxi a lot too..
it's about time..
if we're not hurry we just get walk and enjoy the city..,

about the restaurant..
we found a very very very delicious gudeg..
gudeg yu djum
just come to kaliurang km 5 kocoran gg srikaton no 2

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