Friday, April 19, 2013

# Daily Journal

High Imagination

Me and my friends love to imagine something that out of bounds
like how if we have a lot of money...

not for having $200.000
but to have a saving that always rise $200.000 in a week or in a day

then we start imagine..

if people love to mix matching from top to toe..
we think we will mix matching the apparel with our car...

till the interior and exterior design of the car will be exactly the same to our clothes
when we use floral pattern that our car will be floral on that pattern too..

so girl thing :p

buy a territory land or an island specially just for us..
or for a simply thing like maybe patching the clothes with the money.. :))

never ending story actually..
 when we start talking the same story
we still get tons of crazy ideas to spend the money and have a big laugh...,

besides imagine about money

we also love to talk about the gadget
like cellphone for aleena when she grow up
or randomly think maybe there will be a printer that integrate with the laptop in one form..

just curious about the future gadget
what will it look like?

 when i see new gadget
it could be... "WOOOWW"
but in the next year there's always be new "WOOOWW"

so in 15-20 years, what will it look like?
really really really curious and of course curious about the transformation too..,

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