Monday, April 22, 2013

# aleena

When Aleena Recognize Her Doctor

Few days ago, aleena was sick
and we're going to the doctor..

outside the examine room she plays a lot..
try to approach and interact with other kids..
or just moving around .,

but suddenly her mood was change for 180 degree..
she was crying so loud when she look at her doctor..

usually she will just start crying when i lay her on the bed..
but it's different..
she starts crying when we just open the door..

she's 15 months..
and this is the first time she could remember the doctor well..
usually she met the doctor once in a month for immunizations..
and always forget the doctor after that..,

i was a little bit surprised
maybe now she has recognize a person
who always do the injection..,

the crying didn't stop until i said it was done "Udah"
the trace suddenly gone when we pass the exit door...

What a baby girl...,

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