Tuesday, October 30, 2012

# Life Lesson

Enjoying life

In my dictionary.. Bad times only takes a few minute..
Be angry to the driver who try to keep move while I still make sure about the safety space to continue cross the street.
But then I rethinking about the driver.. He might not remember about me so what should I waste my energy to angry to unknown person...
Just let it pass...
When I promised to meet my cousin after work, suddenly the angkot move very slowly.. Stops a lot to get a passenger.. It get worse when I need to face the traffic.. Just not in a good time..
But then I play a song.. Some beat song.. And magically feel enjoyable with the situation when I thought the angkot was moving but actually it stands at one point..
Enjoy it very much, and fortunately my cousin understand my situation..,
Many ways to enjoy my life.. Just turnover it accept it and be compromise.. And everything will back to normal again..

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