Tuesday, October 23, 2012

# Photography

POlaroid camera

in 2009 i love to watch WGM

and fall in love with polaroid camera

love to see alex and sinae

or hwayobi and hwanhee

use this camera to keep their memories

I really want to have the camera

in 2010 my hubby's classmate give him a polaroid camera..

since she difficult to get the refill

and knows about my hubby who wants the camera for me..

my hubby then give that camera for me

it so cool to hold it and suddenly being mine :D

one of problem, the refill for sure...

difficult to find and when i know where to buy

the price is sooooooo expensive

i should think a thousand time

and even i already think for so much time

i still can't find a good reason to buy..

for one shoot i should pay for 80.000 IDR

a year later i find out about fujifilm instax

and the price is about 1000.000 IDR

just think about someday i'll have this camera

if the price is lower than that..

in early october this year

i get email from disdus

a website that inform the discount for some product

and i see about this camera

fujifilm instax was being sold  in 659.000

i want to tell my hubby

but in that time i get busy and forget

in sunday i go to jakarta

we finnaly go to our favourite mall

Kelapa Gading

we love to see a lot of cute baby and kid walking arround in that place

while i wait him to pray

i walk alone

hope to get some cute items...

and suddenly get into a little kiosk..

they sell anything about fujifilm instax

the camera is sell from 750.000

and get interested about the discount..

buy 3 pack refill get 10.000 rebate for each.. (1 pack 70.000->60.000)

it is a lot cheaper than a refill that sell in internet (1 pack 75.000)

a guy come to me and ask "Do you have a camera"

i said "No"

but he keep explain about the discount..

acctually i already understand about the discount

but to be polite i guess i need to reply something

"is the camera get discount too?"

 and he said "YES"

150.000 rebate for fujifilm instax 70s

and 200.000 rebate for fujifilm instax 50s

"so you mean this camera will sold with 600.000????"

and he said "YES" again

and he said that this day is the first day he open the kiosk

so this price is only valid for one day, 21st Oct 2012..

how lucky i am to be in the right place

in the right time

and in the right direction

i didn't plan to go to jakarta or even Kelapa Gading in that day

but  maybe i was destined to be there..

Acctually my hubby was plan to give this camera as my birthday gift

so  then this is a story i get my birthday present a month earlier

What a good nice sweet coincidence,,,

thank you...

this is the first time..

and this is our aleena, in her 9 months old (22nd Oct 2012)

the experience is soooo goood and i love it very much when the photos come out from the camera

not complete yet because i haven't write down something in the photo

should buy a cute markers first :p

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