Friday, November 1, 2013

# Life Lesson

Kids Philosophy part three

Now the lesson number three...,
It happened when i teach two elementary school kids to make animation....,

When you make animation, you need at least two picture 
with the difference on one part of the picture..., 
for example you want to make a dinosaurs walking.. 
so you need to have a different leg part picture...,

Then i asked them to draw a different leg.... 
and you know what... they don't think too much and never think about mistake.... 
they just draw it... even when the left and the right leg has a big different form...,

The result is they succeed to make an animation...
and i didn't even see the difference again...,, they really good...,

Anyway just get interact with the kids 
and you can see their free soul and some creativity in it...., 
i really really love it.., 

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