Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Night, 11 pm

Right now i really miss my hubby...,
There's a different time zone between us...
It's about 4 hours.... so maybe in where my hubby sleep is already 3 am..

Hope you have a sweet dream tonight.. sleep well honey...,

I just watched "stuck in love"... we bought it together, remember? and i love it so much... let's watch again together okay...,

I watched it on dad's new toshi... just get reminding again how comfortable watching movie from laptop not from smartphone or tablet..., but stil i don't regret to leave my laptop in the office...,:p

Anyway can't wait to watch movie in a big screen with you...., i mean in our house,...:)

It's getting late but i stil need to watch again before starting a busy weekend tomorrow, okay.., see you soon...,

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