Thursday, November 14, 2013

# aleena

21 Months Aleena's Record

In this age, aleena has made huge progress..,

When she wants to claim things that belong to her,
she will said her name "alena alena"...,

She can combine some words,
like make a sentence even with random order but it's quite enough to make us understand..,

Sometimes she recognize the orientation
like when she wants to use a slippers, she arrange the left and right slipper first, before she wear it.., or when she read a book, she will make sure the book is on the right side., i mean it's not reverse...,

She can play puzzle..,  she put 2 from 5 pieces puzzle on the right position..,

say thank you when somebody give her a thing..,

Suggest me a medicine when i said to her that my hand is itchy

Here is our lovely daughter when she plays with her kangaroo bag.., 

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