Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mission Accomplished

On saturday we have a mission to bring two children eat in the restaurant....

In the begining they were sit and eat nicely...
Hubby said that it's not that difficult to bring them...,

But then the situation were getting harder to control...., they finished the meal and try to play with a toy...,When one of them play with a toy, the other will try to take over the toy...., it was really really difficult to control them...,

I think i also made a mistake..., i should give them the same toy...,  and should have plan a to z when we bring more than one child...,

I just realized why they can sit and eat nicely...i think it is because aleena and haadi love the meal... (spaghetti, soup and milkshake)

Anyway even it is difficult but we succeed in doing the mission

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