Tuesday, November 20, 2012

# Life Lesson

Weekend Plan Part 2

Watching movie in theatre is one of our hobbies

on the weekend we never pass this activity

moreover if new movie come in 21
we love to watch the new one in the first week

it never change even we're married now
but there is one thing that change
it's about the time

finding the perfect time is a must
since we have aleena
we need to adjust the schedule with aleena's sleeping time

we can comfortably go if aleena already has her lunch
and of course we're going when she's sleeping

at 2pm when aleena has slept we were running away to BTC
but then we got the ticket for 9.45pm
so our first chance to watch in arround 2pm
is just go away..
we were then only hope that
our aleena already sleeping before 9.45pm

in 9.30pm aleena already sleeping
but it's rainy outside
and it's really really really really cold..,

when my hubby come out from the room
he starts sneeze and it happened repeatedly
so i bear my ego to keep going
or we need to pay more than ticket price

this situation is already happen twice
we buy the ticket but we can't go
first is because aleena still love to play and didn't want to sleep
and the second is because the big rain

a little bit upset
but my hubby said
we need to lower the expectation
since we are now have the other responsibility

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