Friday, November 16, 2012

# Daily Journal

Efficiency is my thing

Efficient is one word that can describe my character

when i going somewhere
i'll only bring a few item in my bag
the item that really really really important
the item that will hold up my activity if it's left in home

to bring a light bag is a must
because sometimes the load can make me have a bad mood

so for the first time
when i buy a bag i should test it without load
if the basic bag is already heavy then i'll think many times to buy it..

A week ago when i take a walk with hubby and aleena
i succeed to  reduce the load
we usually bring a really big usefulness diaper bag for aleena

but last time its different
when i prepare the bag..
i imagine the situation..
so this is what i bring
the clothes, hat, small towel, diapers,
plactic bag,baby wipes, and a milk bottle
and the result we only bring a little bag
size arround 20x10cm ^O^

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