Wednesday, November 7, 2012

# Daily Journal

A working mommy

For me to work in the office is one way to make my world balancing, and thank god I have a chance to work fulltime for a while. To be honeşt it's my ego and for that I need to face the consequences.
When I feel tired and very hungry, I feel difficult to control the emotion. This is a challenge for me. I need to be fair to my little girl. So whatever the condition I need to make it like normal.,

When I arrived, I need to feed aleena. It is not an easy task since my aleena is very difficult, şhe's not like other child who love to eat. When time to eat begin, it feels like a little war bettwen me and aleena, sometimes I neef to force it. It come worse when she feels sleepy, she will cry a lot and I need an expert skill to feed her.

Last night when I need to feed aleena, she already feel sleepy, in half an hour the food stil remain a lot, she's crying and I don't have a choice except to stop feeding her. I need to found the other way so she wants to eat again. I try to play with her and i think I succeed cause after that aleena can eat up the food.

This is one of my consequence to face unwanted situation with the hunger. But to through this feeding fase is really make me happy.., cause I succeed to control my emotion. Even after that my dinner time come late. It's 9 o'clock.,

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