Wednesday, November 7, 2012

# Dream Big


My friend just give me a physicology test.

There are 48 questions.
No picture so a little bit lazy
but I still do the test.

The result I got 28 question
that reflect the optimism and the score is average.,

he said that if I get one more question
I can be on moderate optimist level.

There are 5 levels:
very optimist, moderate optimist, average, moderate pesimist, very pesimist.,

When he told the result I reply with a good expression.,
and guess what he said if this conversation is a last question
then my level come to moderate optimist :D

He said I already have the 2 of 3 key to success.
Talent ands optimism,
one thing that he couldn't measure is the passion.,

If only he could measure my passion,
cause I still confuse about my passion.,
feeling so lucky if you already know about your passion.,

If you want to see the people with full passion in their job,
you may take a look at AFC (Asian Food Channel) .

Feeling so jealous evey watching them.
I couldn't stop to watch that channel.
The way they cook and treat the food is so beautifull.,

Love it very much., just hoping I can find my real passion..,

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