Friday, November 2, 2012

# Daily Journal

Mommy Aleena

mommy, i hope aleena call me with this nickname...

just after 8 months i announce this to everyone

yap my big fam a lot asked me about the nickname

and i said nuno..,

just feeling hard to be a mother

i don't feel i have the charisma

my cousins said that i look like aleena's sister or aleena's aunty

i don't even have an encourage to take a walk aleena

just the two of us

my hubby sometimes make fun of me

with asking "where is your school"

and for detail it junior high school

even worse yesterday after the meeting, the client said

you look young like kindergarten kid


forget about it

i love it too since i can be younger  :D

but kindergarden kid is too much :(

please i have a daughter, ask meeee!!!

back to the nickname

1. mamah ( i feel she call my mother)

2. ibu (no charisma at all)

3. bunda (too mature)

4. mommy (the light one, and i love it)

i didn't mean to follow the west culture, i just adjust it to my looks..

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