Tuesday, November 20, 2012

# aleena

Zinnia is her name

Whether it's a coincidential or not
i still have no idea
aleena really love flower
in any form
real flower, painting, knitwork

she doesn't want to go anywhere
she will focus on it
really really focus
try to distract her with other thing
but it didn't work

My mom sometimes say it's natural that girl love flower
but hubby and i have other opinion
maybe because Zinnia is her name

For your information
Zinnia is a flower that easy to grow and reliable.,
zinnias are bright butterfly magnets
that have a long history as favorite flowers
of American home gardeners.

Zinnias make superb long-stemmed cutting flowers
with long-lasting blooms.

if you have zinnias, that means
you'll be inviting butterflies to visit your garden

No wonder she loves to catch the butterfly
with her papap :D

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